Friday, June 1, 2007

King James

Just wanted to say a few things about Bron Bron's performance last night and about the King in general. First off, congratulations to Eric, McCready, and all my other friends who are Cavs fans, which I guess includes House now (?). That was one of the most ridiculous things I've seen on a basketball court. Its weird because such an amazing feat not only goes to show how good Lebron can be when he wants to, but also how inept his supporting cast really is.

There's not much to say about Lebron that has been said already, but for what its worth, he's a pretty interesting guy. He's been in the public spotlight since high school and dominated at every level he's played at. I hear stories that make him sound self-absorbed, yet everytime I hear him talk he always says the right thing and always credits his teammates. He continues to try to get them involved in the game despite criticism from the media. The fact that this same media kills Kobe for taking 30 shots a game just shows that many of them are just vindictive assholes.

I really like Lebron because he generally seems like a good guy. For all those people who criticize him for not being more like MJ, I have news for you....HE'S NOT MJ. Jordan's combination insane talent and competitiveness that was borderline psycotic made him the best player in the history of the game. Lebron has insane talent, and just because he's not psycotic about basketball does not mean he doesn't care. It also doesn't mean he can't be one of the best ever. So get off the King's ass and tune in tomorrow because its probably gonna be a pretty good show.


Buzzsaw said...

The Cavs represent (almost) everything that is wrong with modern basketball. Horrible front office (ie Larry Hughes, Marshall, Amon Ones) they surrounded Lebron with garbage. Awful coach, Brown is atrocious, has no respect from his players. However, they are actually going to get to the Championship and possibly win simply because they are good with ping pong balls. The NBA has more in common with grandma's Saturday BINGO night than pure basketball. Even though I hate them, the Pistons might be the last team we see in awhile that is an actual "team."
The Spurs play like a team and their front office is extraordinary, but look at their "dynasty" in the last 10ish years, they had two #1 picks as their cornerstones, David Robinson and Tim Duncan.
(BTW is say almost everything thats wrong with basketball because Lebron couldn't have happened to a more deserving town. If he was in NY or something it would be perfect, but Cleveland deserves a savior and despite how awful it is to watch I root for them for that reason. Even though I am extremely jealous because I realized the Hawks might have actually squandered their last oppurtunity by not getting this year's first pick.) Please respond, their must be dissenters...

Guy said...


While I agree that Mike Brown's offensive philosophy (can you even call it that?) is completely garbage, this team would not be where they are today without his defensive strategy. This is definitely one of the top defenses in the league today, even without a known "lock-down" defender. Larry Hughes disrupts passing lanes; Andy flops and hustles; Sasha sat an entire year on the bench because he once told Coach Brown "my offense IS my defense." One thing can be said for one of our players, and that is the Snowman. After VC lost the ball on the last possession in one of the Jersey games because of ESnow, a friend of mine said "When you see the Snowman down in the post you got piss runnin down your leg don't you?" Mike Brown has worked wonders for this team's defense, but he probably needs to look into hiring an offensive "coordinator." Just giving it to LeBron works sometimes (see: Game 5, Detroit), but at some point an offense needs to be put in.

For more on this, check out what a real writer (not me) has to say about it. This was posted during the NJ series by Ian Thomsen from (skip to page 2 to read about the defense). It is simply incredible that Mike Brown talks defense and pretty much only defense during any practice (90% of the time according to this article).

Guy said...

Looks like I need to try to post this link again:

And also, Mike Brown's management of his timeouts is embarrassing. Just thought it needed to be mentioned. In games 1 and 2, Anderson ended up throwing up a prayer to try to tie it. In game 5, ESnow threw up a prayer for the win afte regulation. Unbelievable

Buzzsaw said...

I didn't mean that Brown is atrocious in every facet of coaching. I respect him as a defensive coach, he was great in Indiana too, but the thing about Indiana is that he was an assistant. The things he's bad at are things you need to be a good head coach, clock management, an offense in general, etc. The Cavs would be way better off with him as asst. and someone else coming in that has the team's respect and an offensive gameplan.

Guy said...

I have to agree with you. As I said above, his clock/timeout management is atrocious, as well as the offense.

I hope that the front office wises up and puts in some kind of offense coach, but who knows with them. They are probably thinking that he will learn it along the way.

That being said, look for more grueling offensive possessions Saturday night.

Medical Blog said...

Lebron has insane talent, and just because he's not psycotic about basketball does not mean he doesn't care.