Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Scanner, Daly, Boxing, McCavy, Other Shit


First and foremost, I finally fixed my printer/scanner/fax thingy. I call it the BizHub Jr. Here is a little sample. I find this scanner shit cool as hell even though its been around for quite some time. The pictures of me are at ages 10,12,16 respectively. I hope this gets you interested so that there is a 5% chance you read this whole thing!

John Daly:

John Daly is one of the most insane "semi-celebrities" of all time. I can't think of anyone whose life is a bigger mess. He supposedly smokes 2-3 packs of cigs a day, and his constant battle with alcoholism and gambling is never ending. I started making fun of this guy as early as 1996 when I realized he was a joke. He's lost 10's of millions of dollars, and continues to destroy his body (i.e. the tournament where he was shaking so bad from withdraw that he had to house 24 diet cokes and wear a polar fleece in 90 degree heat); there seems to be no light at the end of his tunnel. Who in the hell shows up to a golf tournament with his face looking like he just got done shooting a knife fight scene with Steven Segal?

Can you think of a bigger joke (with personal/drug alcohol problems) the past 15 years? Still, he is entertaining and doesn't seem to give a fuck, which I appreciate on some level. He doesn't seem to want any attention, but it just comes his way! I love his melt downs most of all. I will never forget what he did at Pebble Beach (I think it was at the 00' open). I've used my imagination and created the last part of the story, but he took a 14 on #18 after being in contention all day. Supposedly, he proceeded to throw his clubs into the Pacific Ocean, storm off the course, and swear he’ll never play in another US Open again. Wow, what I loss for the USGA John! I’m sure they want some drunken, red-neck, chain-smoking, crazy SOB running around their golf course dreaming about the next 5th he’s going to slam! Go do a big biker chick in the woods.

Hahaha I’m just joking of course. Daly is sweet, but it is starting to get a little embarrassing for the poor guy. I hope he gets his act together, so that we don’t see him stumble out to the first hole of the British Open naked and drunk out of his mind. (I don’t think his exemption is up, so they probably have to let him play in it).

Does Boxing Have a Fighting Chance?

Fight night this past Saturday did exceed all expectations as Log mentioned during an earlier post. Judah came out and really stuck it to Cotto for the first couple rounds. He knew his only chance was an early round KO. After the 2nd or 3rd round he said something along the lines of “I am going for it now”, but his corner told him to stick with the game plan. I wish his corner would have given him the OK. Supposedly Cotto has a very suspect chin and that seemed apparent early in the fight. However, Judah faded as the fight wore on and Cotto didn’t stop grinding. The man is relentless, and I have a ton of respect for him.

Everyone who thinks Pretty Boy Floyd (PBF) is overrated (I would of course be in this camp) will be pushing for a Cotto v. Mayweather fight, but I say be careful what you wish for! PBF is a more skilled, discipline, and fit fighter than Judah. Judah is literally just a poor man’s Floyd. I’d bet PBF would hurt Cotto early, or hold him off late (because of his quickness/ability to dodge punches) after doing enough work early to win the needed rounds if it went to a decision.

More importantly, the fact that people are talking boxing and getting excited about more “obscure” boxers indicates boxing might have a brighter future than I once suspected. The fight between De La Hoya and PBF could be the shot in the arm the sport has needed. I know the fight didn’t match the hype it received, but it caused a bunch of us to watch the next “big fight.” I will be interested to see the ratings, but I think the product is good enough for the industry to see sustained growth. Saturday's fight wasn’t nearly as high profile as PBF vs. ODL, but it was better. Promoters and fighters owe boxing fans matches between the best and brightest the sport has to offer. If they do that, they will create a bunch of loyal boxing enthusiasts (ages 20-30) who will gladly pay the $44.95-55.95. I mean what’s that split up over 10 people anyway, right? They get us hooked now, and we will be fans for life!

I will be writing an article about Floyd “Money” Mayweather when I’ve concluded some research. As of now, I contend that PFB is overrated; be it because he has dodged the best over the past 6 years or hasn’t been fortunate enough to fight in an era of extremely talented fighters. The former seems more logical, but I’m not going to rush to snap judgements. I might be wrong, but everyone seems to have jumped on this bandwagon without any real historical backing. I was as unimpressed by what he did against ODL as most people were impressed. People act like he beat ODL in his prime. De La Hoya had lost 2 of his last 4 coming into the fight. He was at the end of his career. He still didn’t get destroyed! He lost the fight, I know, but it wasn’t like PBF put on some virtuoso performance. He just did enough to win the fight.
How can Floyd say he’s proven everything he needs to prove? Let’s not get so caught up in a number (i.e. Floyd’s 0 in the loss column) and forget how that number was created. Does a record of 38-0 really mean as much if your competition isn't up too par? One deserves credit for being undefeated, but is that the only number we should consider? Much more on this in the next few days!

McCready and the Cavs:

First, I must thank you for all of the laughs on Satuday night during our finals discussion. Your enthusiasm and love for the Cavs is like nothing I’ve seen since my days of rooting for the Bulls as a youngster. The highlight of my night was our discussion about the Snowman, and your comments about his 37 pt outburst in high school. Remember, you then asked the question “How could he ever score 37 points in a game?” as you mimicked his ridiculous jump shot. Your impression was spot on. LOL!

I am still rooting for you guys to get a game or two in Cleveland. I think it can happen if your team starts playing with a little more heart and focus. The fans should be enough to get one win, and if the Cavs play decent, getting two is possible. I don’t feel the need to comment anymore on the Series because so far my predictions are 100% accurate. The Spurs are in another class, and Mike Brown’s decision making is ridiculous at times.

Remember the bet still stands if your team wins:
1. 5k Dollars
2. Shave head and grow Drew Gooden tail for a year
3. Masturbate around circle in Indy (I wanted it to be Cleveland, but somehow Denny convinced us that Indy would work better)

What happens if Cleveland wins the next two? I will be shitting my pants. I guarantee a move to Uzbekistan if your Cavs win.

Some Loose Ends:

1. Why is every US Open predicted to be the hardest of all time? Does that talk get a little old to anyone else?
2. I am still attempting to convince myself to remain focused for about an hour and a half so that I can write up a serious article about government/politics. Too be honest, nothing has quite caught my eye lately, and I am always hesitant to write anything serious unless I really care about an issue.
3. Soon enough I want to touch on immigration, healthcare, social security, and education, but for now I’ll stick to being an idiot. I posed this question a few weeks ago: What is the role of government? I want to make sure my answer is articulate, well founded, and able to stand up to the criticisms that it will most certainly receive. Preparation and thoughtfulness are always important; especially when your answers are being dissected by intelligent b(log)ers. You’ll just have to wait to tear it apart.
4. If you got this far, thanks, and editing is still for losers.

One last thing: Keep commenting on articles. I had one of these things a couple years ago, and it died because no one commented. Our editor-in-chief, Logan, needs to know how good this thing is. I know it keeps me distracted a good part of my day, so let’s keep it up. Log said he thinks he can get 1.5 million hits over the next 3 months. A little ambitious I know, but he’s a dreamer.


Guy said...

A few comments:

John Daly—unbelievable specimen, simple as that. My dad took me to the Masters a few years while I was in high school (he has gone something like 35 out of the last 38 years). We would go down to stay with his college roommate and his family down in Greenwood, South Carolina, which is about an hour away from Augusta. His son absolutely loves Daly. On our way to the course one time, we spotted Daly’s merchandise truck parked in some parking lot. I don’t even think Daly was invited to the Masters that year. This kid, about 17 at the time, proceeded to purchase a John Daly lionhead club head cover for his driver. There were also autographed pictures of Daly that you could buy, as well as Daly beer cozies (fitting). I’m sure there were other outrageous items, but it was too long ago for me to remember. I don’t know if any of you have had the pleasure of watching this guy strut down the golf course in person, but it is a site to behold and one that I will not soon forget.


I was pissed when I wrote that last article. I haven’t given up. The first two games have just been very disappointing.

It is true about my enthusiasm for the Cavaliers. However, I am not alone. I don’t know if you crossed paths with Eric this past weekend, but I would consider him a bigger Cavs fan than even me. The kid lives and dies with every regular season game. Don’t get me wrong, I watch as many as I can, too. But I can laugh losses to the Celtics on the road off. Eric just can’t handle it. Maybe it’s because he knows more about the actual game of basketball than I do and just can’t understand why this team does some of the stupid shit that they do. It seems like all of our friends at XU live and die with their teams, especially the South Bend guys. For example, Denny and the Hawks. Rooting so hard for a bad team is tough to do. This is something I just take in stride with the Browns (I can’t wait to write a season preview for this board).

As far as our “bet” goes. Actually, you can’t even call it a bet considering that I have nothing at all to lose. I’m just praying for a game 7 in which I could put about 2 grand on the Spurs. Talk about a hedge.

Buzzsaw said...

1) Not really sure how anyone can say that Cotto has a suspect chin since he's never lost, clearly it's OK.

2) I have no clue why/how I convinced you of changing the location to Indy, but it probably had something to do with the fact that the Indiana prisons are much more hetero-sexual friendly. However, it might be difficult to convince the guys that you're straight when you walk in naked, with your hair cut like Drew Gooden , and the tattoo "Property of LeDaniel Gibson" on the small of your back (that's part of the bet right?) Good luck

3) It's pretty great that everyone is talking about John Daly again, I'm going to begin formulating a 'think-piece' about him shortly.

BigLots said...

I don't know if you guys saw this or not, it was posted on Deadspin earlier today. Daly's wife says that he assaulted her and then cut his own face to make it look like she was the agressor. Absolutely ridiculous. I don't think he's done a single normal thing in his entire life. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19180561/

Daris said...

Cotto's chin has been labeled by boxing experts as "suspect" because hes taken some shots from guys who aren't traditionally knock out artists and has looked shakey. I think he is a great fighter, but its entirely reasonable to say someone can't take a big time punch even if he's never lost. I think if someone like Judah landed his biggest punch Cotto might be in trouble. Maybe, maybe not, but thats why I said his chin is supposedly suspect. Suspect things are innocent until proven elsewise. God is love. Rev Run.

Daris said...

btw, i cant wait for the think piece denny. I think it would be highly entertaining and informative.

I would love to party with Daly for a night in a gambling town. Would quite possibly be the greateset night of any young man's life (as long as you brought plenty of protection as I heard Big John like's little johns). JK, I have no idea if thats true. I don't want to get sued for slandee!

Buzzsaw said...

Daris, there was no doubt in my mind that you read or heard some expert say that about Cotto, I'm just saying that it sounds a little absurd to assume he can't take a big shot when hes withstood 30 professional fights, and if he actually hasn't taken a big shot, the point would be moot anyway because people can't get a shot off like that on him. Besides, his main competition (Cotto and Margarito) are 'boxers' not 'punchers' so it's not really a problem anyway (I'm not 100% about Margarito, but don't forget he's got a big fight this Saturday on regular HBO) ... BTW- We commit libel on this blog not slander (except with the Clausen thing, thats totally true)

Health Blog said...

He doesn't seem to want any attention, but it just comes his way.