Monday, June 25, 2007


USC is going to have to do a little bit better than a preseason #1 ranking if they think they're gonna be able to just walk into Notre Dame Stadium and blow the Irish out. It's not that Notre Dame Stadium has been especially terrifying to play in lately or that the Irish have the talent to match up with this USC team. None of that matters ... What does matter is that Notre Dame has announced that they'll be bringing out the green jerseys for the meeting. You know what that means ... a definite loss, albeit, an exciting one.

What the hell is going on?? I get that it's in honor of the 1977 team, but it doesn't take away from the fact that the green jerseys are a jinx. The only value these jerseys have is the excitement the players get when the jerseys are unveiled during the pregame speech, otherwise, donning the green only serves to bring back memories of horrific losses (see USC 2005 or Boston College 2002). As a Notre Dame fan, I can only hope that the monkey really is off our backs coming off the dominant 41-9 victory over Army last year(in which they wore the jerseys for the seniors ... green is Quinn's favorite color).


BigLots said...

When I see those green jerseys all I think about is Pat Dillingham and the BC game. What a disaster.

Daris said...

I think ND should jump on the wagon and go with the new school gangster black jerseys a lot of "traditional" schools/professional teams have been sporting. (Coach K's Gay Devil's for one)

On a serious note, why would Charlie and the boys announce that already? I thought part of the "green jersey mystique" was the team finding out minutes before kick-off. It kind of ruins the moment, right?

They say green is cursed, but we usually only wear them when we play superior teams (not including BC of course), which means we're most likely going to lose. Not so much a curse, but a probable outcome.

Green, blue, white, or black (fingers crossed), I just hope Carroll and the boys eat at Nick's Patio the night before.

You may be asking yourself "what does he mean?"

I love Nick’s, but let's just say I know someone who ate the Stir Fry there and can't look at his toilet anymore without blushing. Sick, but true.

Anonymous said...

they just remind me of a streaking fat BC lineman rumbling down the field on that fumble for 6.

Dr. Health said...

I get that it's in honor of the 1977 team, but it doesn't take away from the fact that the green jerseys are a jinx.