Thursday, June 28, 2007

Who Wants to win 50 to 100 Bucks?

Who Wants to Be A Dollar Menuaire?

This is a game I played the last couple weeks of summer last year down in Bloomington when we had no cable, 2 sets of apartment furniture( leaving no room to move), no air conditioning. and a broken DVD player. 1-4 people were continuously playing and a total of 5-10 games were won.

Here's the deal: I will give anyone 10-1 odds on a $5 to $10 dollar bet. You have 15-20 chances to get the million dollars (still haven't decided the exact number).

I trust all of you. I know, I am naive. Let me know if you are interested.

I accept checks. Must pay to the order of: Sir Daris The Great

BTW, its 3:30am, so I am going to bed.


BigLots said...

I just wasted an hour of work trying to beat that and I only got to the 32,000 question once.

Daris said...

ya, its impossible. The million dollar question is completely subjective: it'll be something like what's your favorite number out of the four choices? and regardless of what one you choose they'll say your wrong. its like the site really thinks they'll have to give away money or something.

Daris said...

my advice is to walk away with the play money around 16k.

HAUS said...

that is because you're an idiot biglots...i'll throw down 5

Guy said...

nice five dollar rake, Daris

I gave it a few (three) test runs and the furthest I got was 2 large.

Daris said...

ya, gotta make money where you can in life. I'm sure I'll get a few suckers to bite (aka house).

Remember payable to Sir Daris The Great

HAUS said...
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Medicine said...

Let me know if you are interested.