Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Athletes Who Blog

At times athletes can appear to be stupid, illiterate assholes who don’t really care about their fans. Well some athletes are trying to disprove that stereotype, some with more success than others. Ladies and gentleman, athletes who blog…

Greg Oden Surprisingly entertaining, funny and down to earth. If you don’t like Oden I think you will after reading this.

Mike Conley Jr. Oden’s college teammate started his own blog on the same site as the big fella. Conley isn’t as funny as Oden but he just started it and it looks like he updates it somewhat frequently.

*Touch* ‘em all (Alyssa Milano) Ok, obviously she's not an athlete, but its about baseball and its pretty funny. It was actually mentioned on Deadspin today. Not really sure what the title of the blog means. Maybe it refers to her attempt to hook up with every starting pitcher in the majors.

Paul Shirley Shirley used to be a forward for the Suns but has since been released. This blog is pretty old, but one of the more funny ones. With a pretty good voice and his self-depricating humor Shirley may have something to fall back on now that he is without a job.

*He also wrote some columns for ESPN.com. I haven't read them yet so read them at your own risk.

Blog Maverick (Mark Cuban) I was disappointed to find that Cuban’s blog is actually kind of boring. I expected more from a guy who passed out on one of our friend’s couch last year in Bloomington.

38pitches.com (Curt Schilling) Most people hate Schilling if they’re not Red Sox fans. I even find myself getting slightly annoyed sometimes. With that being said, his blog can be interesting and he updates it pretty faithfully. His Q&A sessions are always honest and usually interesting (minus the stuff about his video game company), and you can definitely tell he writes everything himself.

On the Road With Pat Neshek The Minnesota Twins reliever has a pretty cool site even though he’s not the biggest name. I especially like his list of Top 20 songs.

Chein Ming Wang This has to be the worst blog on the internet.

Agent Zero: The Blog File (Gilbert Arenas) Agent Zero was possibly the original athlete blogger, and his site is a good one. He’s probably the only one on this list that warrants a daily check. I would expect nothing short of ridiculousness from Arenas and the blog definitely meets expectations.


Daris said...

gilbert's blog is the biggest joke, and you can tell he hates Kobe.

I wonder if Barbaro is blogging in horse heaven?

Buzzsaw said...

Beckham's blog: http://www.davidbeckham.com/blog/

Buzzsaw said...

Shirley's blog got him a pilot on one of the major networks, not sure whatever happened with that, I thought it was getting picked up.