Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm back

Everyone has been giving me shit for not posting in awhile and frankly I have no legit excuse.
My job is a joke which I half ass all day and once I get home I sit around and do nothing. However, the only thing I know or care about is sports and since it's a shitty sports season I haven't really had anything to
write about. So in order to avoid losing my contributor status I figured I'd throw out some random thoughts.

• There just might be a chance that Barry Bonds doesn't break the home run record. It has seemed inevitable for quite some time now but Barry's body is simply breaking down. He's currently in the middle of an 0 for 21 streak and hasn't hit a home run since July 3. Looking at the numbers, the Giants have 70 games remaining. They're completely out of the playoff race and since Barry doesn't play everyday you have to assume he'll only play at maximum around 45 games. Take into the fact that he's old, quite possibly hurt, and the unwillingness of pitchers to give him anything good to hit and Bud Selig might just get his wish after all.

• My opinion of Bonds varies slightly from the majority. I don't like his personality and I don't like the fact that he puts himself ahead of his teammates at all times. Plus, he definitely cheated. However, how many of those home runs did he hit off of pitchers that were on 'roids themselves? No one knows the answer to that. The whole era needs to be brought into question. I personally do not want Bonds to break the record, however, it's not as if Bonds is just some hack who can only hit home runs ala Mark McGwire. Bonds was once a five tool player who won gold gloves, stole bases, and hit for exceptional averages. The steroids obviously helped but Bonds still would have been one of the all time greats had he laid off of them. To sum it up, Bonds is an asshole that used steroids but I still respect him as a player.

• I'm excited to see Beckham in an MLS uniform but I don't think it's going to have much impact at all. Initially, interest will be high which will translate into higher TV ratings and more jersey sales. However, the majority of the people that will be tuning in will be novices to the game that only know of Beckham because he's famous. These people will watch the first couple Beckham games because it interests them but the excitement will die down pretty quickly. Plus, I'm pretty sure these people won't be watching the Kansas City Wizards taking on Real Salt Lake (which is the most ridiculous franchise name in any sport in America). The real fan base that the MLS needs to attract are the Americans who are already soccer fans but prefer to follow European teams because the quality is better. These fans are knowledgeable and realize that Beckham alone is not going to attract them to start following the league. Signing Zidane or Cannavaro (both aging European superstars at the tail end of their career) would have done more to attract the soccer loving Americans. The fan base for a successful MLS is there, the league just has to convince these people to watch their games.

• The English Premier League has officially changed its name to the Barclays Premier League. How ridiculous is that? That would be like the NBA switching to the Coca-Cola Conference and the Pepsi Conference. I'm not sure who is a bigger advertisement whore: NASCAR or soccer.

• Instead of finding good pitchers this off-season White Sox GM Kenny Williams decided to go with "the tallest bullpen ever". Seven guys who are all over 6"3 and throw at least mid nineties. Sweet. They suck complete ass. With a 6.00 ERA and 16 blown saves they're statistically better than only the Devil Rays. I want to beat the shit out of every single one of them.

• It seems like someone completely random always wins the British Open so that's why my pick is Chih-Bing Lam of Singapore. He is currently a 2001-1 shot to pull of the upset. You can leave the thank you's for winning you 2000 dollars in the comment box.

• College Football season is a little more than a month away and I could not be happier about it. Nothing beats college football Saturdays.

• The NBA draft preview that Buzzsaw and I did turned out to be a tie. Does that mean both of us have to anal bong a beer?


Buzzsaw said...

I disagree on the Beckham experiment working, in fact, I'd love to find out some way to invest in the MLS, it's perfect timing. Soccer has been the #1 sport for kids for a long time now, they will watch now that it's cool. This wave just has to last for a few years, soccer's popularity is going nowhere but up.

As for the bonging, we absolutely have to do it ... I'll go second.

Daris said...

haha, Real Salt Lake is the most ridiculous team sports name of all time; across any sport at any level.

Very good points on Bonds. He has 650 homeruns, close to 3,000 hits, and over 500 stolen bases without ever touching roids. He's just the poster boy because he performed the best while using them. I can't even imagine how many players were doing roids in the late 90's. Think how ridiculous some the numbers got for players across the entire league.

Buzzsaw said...

I really don't like the whole, 'pitchers were on steroids too' argument. Size and strength does not make a good pitcher, even power pitchers necessarily. There is a certain threshold for every pitcher that can't be changed more than 2-3 MPH with increased strength. There is a reason we don't see these roid-raging pitchers throwing 105 MPH. I agree that Bonds was awesome before the steroids, but I think everything he's done should be marked with an asterisk, and everyone after caught with steroids should have their records thrown out. -- Here's a great article on pitching velocity ..

Logan said...

Its going to be hard to beat all their asses because theyre all bigger than you.

Buzzsaw said...

Great 'tag' btw ... I think 'strap-ons' was better, can't wait to see which one ends up with more entries.

Guy said...

You really came back with a bang, BigLots.

A few things:

1. You gotta get off this anal bong thing... it's getting weird.

2. I disagree with Logan. BigLot's fire and passion for the White Sox outdoes that of the bullpen's. He would beat their asses, all by himself.

3. Speaking of The Open, we, as a blog, need Daly to be in it on Sunday. Can you guys say "Daris or Buzzsaw running diary?"

BigLots said...

Ha I only keep mentioning it because you keep telling me how weird it is.