Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gagne to Boston, Dye Deal Dead

I usually don't like to talk about the Red Sox that often unless there's some news that's worthwhile, but I think this is pretty big. Epstein just landed the best available reliever in Gagne to bolster what is already the Major League's best bullpen. And he didn't even have to give up that much to get him.

Gabbard has had some success this year and is a good pitcher but with Schilling coming back either he or Lester was going to have to go back down and Lester has a higher ceiling. David Murphy is a pretty good CF but is blocked by both Crisp and Jacoby Ellsbury. The last piece was Engel Beltre, a low level prospect.

Initial reports look like the Red Sox are going to guarantee Gagne's incentives so he can set-up for Papelbon and not worry about losing money. Before the All-Star game I argued that Okajima's stats would make him the closer on most teams, so it looks like the Red Sox are essentially going to have three closers at their disposable, as well as several other servicable arms.

As far as the Dye deal is concerned, it appears that the Red Sox offered Wily Mo Pena and Craig Hansen but the White Sox insisted on Delcarmen, which killed the deal. I'm very happy that this one didn't happen even considering the aquisition of Gagne. Keep the arms in the bullpen, let Wily Mo develop and don't disrupt the chemisty. Overall it seems like a pretty good deadline day.


Buzzsaw said...

When I become a GM, I plan on filling my pitching staff exclusively with closers, Epstein's stealing my idea.

Daris said...
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Daris said...

why does gagne where chemistry goggles when he pitches?

Also, my buddy mikey told me the Dodgers used to flash "GAME OVER" on the screens as Gagne would come out to close in the 9th.

What are the Sox gunna do? Flaish "game over in around 45 minutes to an hour"???

Doesn't make sense from a 'Flash annoying shit on the big screen' perspective. That's all I'm saying.

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Buzzsaw said...

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