Friday, July 13, 2007

Morning Cast

Here it is.

The morning Podcast is quite long and somewhat boring. If you aren't interested in listening to me rant and rave, I'll give you a quick rundown via words.

The picture is of the "supposed" serial killer in TN. Ya, I'm pretty sure they need not do anymore investigating. If he's not a serial killer, I would have to seriously start questioning everything I've ever known to be true.

I found out that Mark Cuban has put in a bid to buy the Cubs. Supposedly, the cost will be around $600 million dollars. I guess Cuban has finally realized that the Mavs, for whatever reason, will never win a championship, so he's deciding to buy the team that hasn't won a world series since 49 B.C. Ya, I just pulled the old B.C. joke. What are you gunna do, sue me?

Big Papi has a torn meniscus and says he will wait until the season is over to see whether or not he needs surgery. He, as well as other die hard Red Sox fans, hopes the season doesn't end too soon. The Yanks are bound to make it interesting, they always have since I was wearing diapers (that was still going on in 1996). I hope the Sox can hang on. I don't usually jump on one side of the Yanks/Sox argument, because honestly, when it boils down to it, I don't give a shit about either of the teams. Saying all of that, if I HAD to choose one team or some knife carrying looney would "cut off my johnson", (Big Lebowski joke, but couldn't really think of a way to spell that in broken German/English and get my point across" it would have to be the Red Sox. I just wish they wouldn't have won the World Series after their ridiculous comeback against the Yanks. I loved rooting for them. They had a nice blue collar vibe. I'm giving off a different kind of vibe with comments like that, but nonetheless, ya'll get my point. (I say ya'll now because I live in Kentucky.)

I also mention a little about A-Rod and his decision to wait until the end of the year to decide his future. Obviously, A-Rod is going to say "Piss off ya darn yankers" (I don't know what that means or whether or not I was attempting to be funny there) if they don't at least make a deep run in the playoffs. I think he is fed up with the Yankees and the spotlight. I know I am going to take heat for that, but would you want to be the most analyzed and watched figure in New York? I don't think I would take any amount of money to be under that kind of spotlight. Well, that's a huge exaggeration, as I said I would chop off both of my feet for 10 million dollars no more than 2 weeks ago, but you get the point.( I don't really need feet though. If I had 10 million, I would just watch DVD's all day.)

Ichiro is set to sign a 5 year 100 million dollar contract with Seattle. I am soo freakin' jealous, not only because of the money, but because I'm not a walking ridiculous quote machine like Ichiro. (I make the "ICCCHHHIIIRROOO" noise every time I sneeze and people look at me funny. They say god bless you, but it sounds more like a question: “God…bless….youuuu?? " which means 1. They are completely confused, and 2. I am a huge jackass.)

Becks and Posh landed in LA today to swarming media coverage. ESPN had a ridiculous quote up in the article bya 15 yrd old girl who said, "It was sooo awesome. He looks even better in person then he did in the magazines." Thumbs up ESPN for another job well done. Quickly, I sounded very critical about Beckham's arrival to the States on the podcast, but I'm not disgusted with him. I am angry with the way the media covered the event. He is good for soccer in the states as long as this doesn't become one bad walking celebrity joke.

Yi still hates the Bucks and his challenge of an "eenny meeny minny mo" contest still stands. Kohl, president of the Bucks, is trying to figure out what approach will work best for this strategic game. (I give some advice in the podcast)

A guy is counting to 1 million. I don't feel like linking it because it’s stupid. Supposedly, he wants to donate the money he makes from this endeavor to charity. I don't know what money he is talking about, but I have a feeling that most charities will just say "ah, we're not interested at this time." Getting turned down by a non-profit organization is like getting slapped in the face by a really timid toddler.

I then go on to talk a lot about boxing, so if you do decide to listen to the podcast after getting fired up by all of this unbelievable content, but aren't interested in boxing, you might want to fast forward right when you hear the word "Margurito".

The last few minutes of the podcast are entertaining I think. I divulge the #10, on the ‘10 Things I Hate the Most’ list I am developing. The rest of the list will be finished over the next few days.

That's all for now, and this article was for you Log. I know those people over at the Tirerack can really crack the whip. Here is something that will make your day, that is if Youtube is accesible from your workstation: Jeter and A-Rod sitting in a tree. Hope you enjoyed, and remember a mutiny is only a couple stellar podcasts away.