Saturday, August 11, 2007

Big John Grips It and Rips It

I'm not really sure where my obsession with John Daly comes from. Maybe its because his shirt is adorned with the logos of both Hooters and 84 Lumber (in line with values of this site). Maybe its because he is the first professional golfer I've seen play his second shot from the fairway of another hole. Mostly I think its because it seems like he makes every decision by thinking for a second and then saying 'fuck it'.

Daly put together a decent round yesterday (73) which puts him at E for the tournament. With most golfers you would think that would leave them in decent position to make a run heading in to the weekend, but with Big John everyone is just waiting for his blowup. Not me. I'll be watching and rooting for Daly and hoping we can see him drink beer from the Wanamaker Trophy on Sunday.

Daly should be teeing off pretty soon, so I'm off to watch that. We'll keep you updated on his progress.


Buzzsaw said...

Nice of you to drop by logan ... aren't you leaving for Austria tomorrow?? You need to make us all administrators before you leave (except biglots of course).

Buzzsaw said...

I like the new redesign btw

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