Saturday, August 18, 2007

Maybe I'm Too Hard on Pretty Boy

Yes, I bash Pretty Boy almost every chance I get. After watching 24/7, I started hating him with a passion. He's such a cocky asshole, and an idiot. His entourage is gigantic, and I think he's got about 20 people on his payroll that he's probably never even talked to. He's your stereotypical "black boxer", which was fine, until I realized the roots of the stereotype.

Sugar Ray Robinson, regarded as the greatest boxer of all time by most, was the first "Floyd Mayweather Jr." all the way back in the 40's and 50's. His record of 128-1-2( before his first retirement in 1951) is absolutely nuts. He’s the reason the term “Pound for Pound” was invented and now held by Pretty Boy. Boxing fans only hear about all of Sugar Ray's allocates in the ring, so I bet you didn't know that:

[Sugar Ray Robinson] was the pioneer of boxing's bigger-than-life entourages, including a secretary, barber, masseur, voice coach, a coterie of trainers, beautiful women, a dwarf mascot and lifelong manager George Gainford.

Yes, he had a dwarf mascot that cheered for him at fights, which ultimately dwarfs (pun entirely intended and gay) even this ridiculous Pretty Boy Floyd clip (watch the first 2 minutes):

I guess I would have hated Sugar Ray Robinson as well. I'm going to try to be a little less critical of Floyd now that I know boxing has a rich history of ridiculousness. I was under the impression that the guys 50-60 years ago just went out and fought. I didn't know they were driving around flamingo Pink Cadillacs.

When Robinson later returned to Paris in 1962—where he was still a national hero—to get him to cross the seas the French had to promise to bring over his masseur, his hairdresser, a guy who whistled while he trained, and his trademark Cadillac.
Can you imagine being the guy who gets paid for whistling as someone boxes? Absolutely nuts, and read this quote taken from 'Pound for Pound: A Biography of Sugar Ray Robinson''

Ego was part of what made Robinson great, and it also drove his considerable personal excesses, including insatiable womanizing, lavish spending, and a preening narcissism not immediately distinguishable from that of a child.
If I hadn't told you that quote was from Robinson's biography, you might have assumed I was talking about Floyd. Sadly, PBF possesses strikingly similar characteristics to the greatest fighter of all time.

Pound For Pound
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Buzzsaw said...

Haha, great video ... I actually like all the shit he talks, I think it's hilarious. It's gonna be really fucking hilarious when he's doing it to Ricky Hatton. Can you imagine how many British guys are gonna die in bars that week in Vegas? They start these bar fights against these ghetto ass PBF fans, and the PBF fans take out their guns and blow shit up. Should be a fun week.

Daris said...

haha i know, he is a fuckin joke. mcready was telling me about his Cribs on MTV, and I found it on youtube. i am going to attempt to find it now, if not just youtube floyd mayweather cribs, and it should pop up. Its a little long, but at least watch the last 20 seconds. trust me, you wont be disappointed.