Friday, August 10, 2007

My Career Looks so Bleak

John Daly is two off the lead at Southern Hills before the second round of the PGA Championship. At -3 under, he's looking to avoid that dreaded triple or quady that usually causes a hysterically funny meltdown. Maybe the lyrics to John's song, "My career looks so bleak", were sung to soon. If not, Daly only has himself to blame. A career fueled solely by Diet Coke, cigs, gambling, booze, and trash usually doesn't end well. However, Daly's voice is ravishing, and the sportscaster's comment after is funny.

Daly was quoted yesterday as saying:

"To be honest, I was waiting to make a 7 or 8, because that's the way it's been going the last year and a half. If there were 14 holes on a golf course, I would've won 17 tournaments in the last year and a half."
John, that's like saying "If there were 14 beers in a case, you wouldn't be an alcoholic." I think that type of logic in any sport is insane. I won't start ranting, but it really means nothing. If someone scores the first basket of a bball game is it ok to say "if basketball games were only one minute long, my team would win more." The fact is, they aren't. Stupdity.

John on Dealing with the Heat:
"I'm used to these kind of little valleys, where you don't get any air, and there's a lot of humidity, and it's tough to breathe. I light up a cigarette and drink some caffeine, and it actually works."
John on Gambling:
"I've been playing slots over at Cherokee Casino," he said. "Did good the first day; didn't do too good the other day.
I only hope Big John keeps it together until Sunday. Him and Sergio playing together in the last group with Tiger teeing off right before them, how sweet it would be. Oh, the drama that would ensue. Daly eats Sergio or strokes. I just don't know which one would happen first.


Buzzsaw said...

No one is rooting harder for Daly than Bally's Saloon and Harrah's Casino in Tennessee ... and of course McDonalds

Buzzsaw said...

And the Cherokee Casino obviously. I actually like those kind of excuses. I totally agreed with Phil Helmuth's assesment that if luck wasn't involved with poker, he'd win every time.

Guy said...

I've really gotta get a copy of Daly's album.

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