Tuesday, August 21, 2007

You Don’t Come into the OB Talkin’ Smack

It’s a sad day for University of Miami fans all over the country, as the program announced today that it will relocate its home turf to Dolphin Stadium starting in 2008. The decision was made due to the decaying Orange Bowl (The OB, of course) and the fact that they can bring in more revenue if they move.

The biggest problem here lies with The U’s announcing crew. What the hell is Lamar Thomas going to say next time (and there will be a next time) that the Hurricanes get into another brawl? “You don’t come into Dolphin Stadium baby, I know we’ve had a down year, but you don’t come into Dolphin Staidum talkin’ that smack.” It just doesn’t have the same ring to it as his original quotes during the infamous FIU Brawl:

Tearing down monuments, classical Greek structures, national parks, and even the rain forest is one thing, but once The U abandons the OB, you’re taking it a little too far with this sports fan.

After a Miami-(Insert school here) Brawl in 2008, we’ll soon discover that you can take The U out of the OB, but you can’t take the OB out of The U.



Daris said...

haha, good stuff.
Trent Green pissed in his pants (just a little) when he heard the news. He's gunna be the U's prison bitch when they are sharing lockerooms for sat/sun home games. this will definitely be his last year. T

he U are expanding their horizons. Soon, they will be brawling with professional teams.

Buzzsaw said...

This is a sad, sad story

sammich said...

great article guy