Wednesday, September 5, 2007

B-Easy Thinks Highly of Himself

After visiting the Official Website of Braylon Edwards, I can’t get enough of watching the intro to the site. Make sure you have your sound on-- the “B-Easy” tune by DJ Joey Fingaz is off the hook (or something?).

Braylon has proclaimed, “I’m back.” I’m not exactly sure where he went, or if he had ever even arrived to Cleveland for that matter. All I remember is his holdout his rookie year, his subsequent non-stop talking to the media and yelling at Charlie Frye his second season, and his abysmal performance to go right along with it.

The best part? He actually had to make up a situation where he did something good:

Pittsburgh 24, Cleveland 20. It’s the fourth quarter. 4th and 25. Ball on the Cleveland 32 yard line. The play clock is ticking, 4 seconds, 3, 2…

And Braylon streaks down the field for a 68 yard touchdown, all the while throwing a Steeler corner to the ground!

Talk about the most generic “hero that saves the game” scenario possible. It’s a situation in which a young selfish and immature high school wide receiver would dream about.

But then again, that’s pretty much what Braylon is.


Thanks to a retired blogger for the tip.


Buzzsaw said...

Please look at his photo gallery, it's the best part. I like the one where he dresses up like Tiger Woods the best. Or maybe the one where he's shirtless with his shoulder pads and gloves on.

Logan said...

Wow. That's all I got.

(And I guess you would have to expect something like that from a Brown. Sorry had to do it.)

Daris said...

what is it with old Michigan receivers being ridiculous? B-Easy? You've gotta be kidding me.

and yes, the tiger woods pictures are the best. Was he intentionally trying to look like tiger in the pictures?

buzz, after watching that video, there is no way I can expect your fantasy trade proposal.

Buzzsaw said...

I think McMichael and Braylon for Cooley and fucking Jurevicious is more than a fair deal. I thought I was overpaying to definitely get him since I'm extremely biased to my team. Not Pope biased, but close.