Monday, September 10, 2007

South Florida Is Getting Screwed

Today, we’re focusing on the USA Today/Coaches Poll. I could start by asking questions like, why is Hawaii in the top 25 when they barely beat Louisiana Tech? Or, how does Georgia stay in the top 25 after losing at home, while other teams have been more impressive in the first two weeks? Or, would teams really rather play Alabama or Iowa than Boise State? These questions point to the ridiculousness of the polls, in week 2 they should be fluid, but “coaches” are unwilling to make any majors changes to their ballots, which leads to my major question.

Why the hell is Auburn ranked ahead of South Florida? What do the Bulls have to do to get respect? Last year they beat West Virginia in Morgantown, they’ve got NINE returning starters on offense, they’ve got two NFL-caliber cornerbacks, and just beat Auburn at Auburn. If the school’s name was Miami and they went in and beat Auburn, they’d 100% be ranked this week. This is just another example of the NCAA screwing over small schools. Apparently they’re going to have to beat West Virginia in two weeks to get some respect; it’s just funny that beating a traditional SEC power won’t hold as much weight as beating a Big East school. Go Bulls.


Guy said...

Good stuff.

It sucks that they do pre-season polls. I'm guessing their only reasoning for it is to generate some hype.

Starting it after a few weeks would be the most fair thing to do.

Ah well.

Buzzsaw said...

Well there was no reason for them to be ranked so low that they couldn't jump into the top 25. This is not necessarily about the preseason polls screwing things up, rather the voters not knowing shit about anyone but their own teams.