Friday, September 28, 2007

Weekend Sports Betting Preview

Alright, if this game is not a blowout, the Chargers are just not a good team. They’re coming back home off a loss to Green Bay, people are understandably down on them, and their coach. If they have any pride at all, they’ll kick the shit out of Kansas City.

Norv Turner is the worst head coach in the NFL, it’s unbelievable to me that he even got that job, but I worry less about this offense than I did about Chicago's against KC because, thankfully Rex Grossman isn’t involved in this game. If Norv wants to keep his job, scoring over 30 pts here would be a good start. If they can get to thirty, on LT’s back, the cover shouldn’t be a problem, since KC absolutely cannot score. The Chiefs are ranked in the bottom half of the league in rushing defense, so I expect Tomlinson to get back on track.

Well, that’s all I’ve got, this is pretty much just a situational play. I think the Chargers finally show up after facing three tough opponents to start the year, if they don’t, then they’re actually a bad team. I’m not ready to believe that, thus, I’m taking San Diego minus the points.

San Diego
-11.5 v Chiefs


Auburn/Florida Under 55
Notre Dame/Purdue Over 53.5
Idaho +24.5 v Hawaii
San Diego -11.5 v Kansas City
Cleveland/Baltimore Under 40

Big Lots

Penn St. -3
Iowa St. +21.5
Georgia Tech +3
Arizona Cardinals +6
Indianapolis -9.5


Oregon -6.5 v California
South Florida +7 v West Virginia
Ohio State -23.5 @ Minnesota
Minnesota + 1 v Green Bay
Atlanta +2.5 v Houston


WVU/USF over 56
Purdue -21.5 v ND
Syracuse -1.5 at Miami
Houston -2.5 at Atlanta
Tampa Bay +3 at Carolina

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BigLots said...

Penn St. is the sucker bet of the week, no doubt about it. After this week I'll do the standings update I've just been too busy/lazy to do it lately. My bad.