Monday, October 1, 2007 Could Have Told You That, Indiana

As you have probably already heard, Indiana Hoosiers basketball recruit Bud Mackey was arrested for carrying around some coke (not a big deal). Anyway, I found this humorous when a friend linked me over to Mackey’s profile, where he told me to look at his “Areas for Improvement”:


Decision Making
Perimeter Shot
Values Structure

Anyone who questions which site to look at, or, every time they are looking up recruits should be clearly convinced after this that Scout is the winner. Especially considering Mackey’s past (from

Scott County Schools Superintendent Dallas Blankenship told the Herald-Leader the district would review disciplinary action, adding that Mackey had never been in trouble before at the school.

How much time did these scouts spend with this kid to realize that he had some values problems even though he didn't ever get in trouble at school? A day, tops, right? Amazing. Keep up the great work,


Buzzsaw said...

You're like Nancy Drew

Anonymous said...

little known fact mackey was down to IU and Xavier before making that choice. cant wait to see cheeks, redford, frease, jamel mclean, andrew taylor, and brian walsh form quite possibly the most disgusting class xavier has ever seen. here's to sean miller being one of the best young coaches in the country.

Daris said...


at IU, you're not cool unless you carry around coke.

I had an 8-ball in my pocket at all times. You never know when you're going to need a bump.