Sunday, December 2, 2007

BCS Bowl Projections

This is funny. OSU in the Title game again. The BCS loves Columbus. Oh, and by the way, all of the luck in Ohio sports funnels right to the capital. Shocking stuff, but I love it.


National Championship Game-- OSU vs LSU

Let the Les Miles dick sucking party begin. Oh and to everyone that hates OSU (sammich, I'm looking at you), who else should be there? I'm not saying they deserve it-- in fact, no one really deserves it. They should almost consider canceling the game.

Rose Bowl-- USC vs Illinois

USC is tied in with the Pac-10 Championship, and the Rose gets the first replacement pick since OSU is #1. I say they take Illinois for tradition's sake. They like that in Pasadena.

Sugar Bowl-- Georgia vs Hawaii

The Sugar gets the second replacement pick. I say they take Georgia. They also get the last pick and get beated with Colt Brennan.

Orange Bowl-- Virginia Tech vs Kansas

The Orange takes the ACC champion, and gets the first pick after replacements are made. Kansas is the pick here. If they took West Virginia, the Fiesta would end up with Big 12 vs Big 12. Not allowed

Fiesta Bowl-- Oklahoma vs West Virginia

Oklahoma is tied in with the Big 12 spot. West Virginia. Whatever.

How many of these will you watch? I'll watch the Rose and the NCG I guess. Maybe Fiesta? We've become too spoiled with great college teams to watch every year (USC with Leinart and Bush, Vince Young, those awesome Miami teams). Now we're upset because no one is dominating. Oh well. We'll check back after the results come out in ten minutes. Eh, probably not.


sammich said...

Kansas has the 109th hardest schedule out of 119 possible teams. They lose to missouri, and got 3rd in the big 12. Mizzou was 2nd in the big 12 and lost to Oklahoma twice. Gee how do u take kansas over mizzou. tards. And then illinois got a bcs bid. thats pathetic... thats all i really wanna say about that

Guy said...

I'm impressive

Monty said...

What do you guys think...

If the BCS is going to refuse to allow an undefeated team to play for the title, in fact, entire conferences of team, then those teams should be bumped to I-AA.

Make I-A (or Bowl Subdivision, whatever) consist only of the power conferences. Everyone else goes to AA. Why keep up the b.s. pretense?

Hawai'i this year, Boise last year. Basically, no matter what a team from outside the big 6 do, it'll never be good enough.

Seigler said...

Hawaii stunk it up, I agree these should not be D-1 teams, they certainly don't play teams of the same caliber as those in the BCS conferences. Boise got lucky, given Oklahoma's knack for losing big bowl games, I don't think Boise would have been able to edge out anyone else. If teams like Hawaii want respect, let them join the PAC 10 or drop to subdivision