Monday, January 21, 2008

Giants Fans= :-) Packers Fans= :-(

Oh, and I just couldn’t resist finding some reactions from the Packers and Giants fans after the championship game. Really, when looking for entertaining reactions from fans, one can’t go wrong with these two teams.

Simple, sophisticated and classy.

Reaction to Packers’ loss or rubber bullet to the stomach????

10 yr old girl Doesn’t like New York because, well, I guess you're not supposed to???

Cry Baby (rather annoying)

Dejected to ecstatic just like that…

Giants Fan does post game "show". I think there are some tears under those shades, dag gamut!


blue98starwars said...

Idiots..Im not not a girl...and Im not a crybaby...First of all. FREEDOM OF SPEECH...go to hell please :)

Nathan said...

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