Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mr. Bacon Back made a big whoopsy daisy

So, I’ve read a lot about this controversy regarding Rick Majerus (not the him getting naked one) and his appearance at a rally for Hillary Clinton. During the rally, Majerus mentioned that he was pro-choice and pro-stem cell research. Unfortunately for Rick, he forgot that he was the head basketball coach at St. Louis University, which is a Catholic institution. He also forgot that Raymond Burke, the Archbishop of St. Louis, damns people who hold these beliefs to Hell. A big slip up if I do say so myself, but I do feel sorry for Majerus. Let’s be honest, he has to have a big mouth. How could he eat whole, uncooked pigs without one?Come on now, the man needs to eat!

I understand why Archbishop Burke is upset. The Church vehemently opposes abortion and the destruction of embryonic stem cells. However, vast moral, ethical, and philosophical issues surround the two issues, and as a representative of the Catholic Church it’s important that any comments/statements made about the issues are dexterously handled. Yes, the Church should defend their pro-life and stem-cell research positions vehemently, but might want to reconsider releasing statements like this one from Burke about the Majerus situation:

It’s not possible to be a Catholic and hold those positions.

I just don’t understand how Burke thinks he’s adding anything meaningful to the situation or anything valuable to the “Catholic cause” by saying something like that. I guess his statement shouldn’t be too much of a surprise though as his diocese refuses to give communion to Democratic politicians. Talk about a power-trip, this guy is like the Communion Nazi. “No Jesus for you today.”

Burke should be able to take some comfort in the video below. Though Majerus might be a threat to the nation's meat and dairy supply, this is definitive proof that he is not gay. (even though his comments at the end comparing Rudy Gay to an Italian sports car might suggest otherwise). Oh, and watch Lavin’s face. Priceless.

Matt Arrowhead


mjenks said...

Being Catholic and *cough*republican*cough*, I find it completely incomprehensible that a Bishop would withhold communion from anyone in the congregation based on the Bishop's own personal view of how things should be run. The Catholic Church has enough issues without assbags like this making things worse.

The Bishop should be more concerned with things like, I dunno, world hunger--which he could solve quickly if he'd just get Majerus to stop eating sides of beef in one sitting.

Bish said...

No one at SLU cares about this... he is there to coach basketball, not to convert the people of stl

mjenks said...

Yeah, I'd guess that people are more concerned with the 20-point performance the other week than they are about Majerus' political stances.