Monday, February 4, 2008

Bob Knight Retires

My favorite Bobby Knight story involves the "legendary" coach and a member of the press, a group that Knight seemed to be constantly at odds with. After the reporter asked Knight a question he didn't particularly like, Knight paused before responding, "You know, most people learn to write in second grade and then they move on to bigger and better things."

"Well, most people stop calling themselves Bobby and throwing chairs in second grade too," the reported replied.

We always knew "Bobby" was immature and short tempered, but a number of people still naively believed that despite his shortcomings, Knight still coached because he loved the game and the kids.

But Knight's abrupt and unexpected retirement should prove that it was, and always has been all about him. He has no health issues. No personal issues. He'd just set out to accomplish what he wanted to accomplish--winning 900 games and becoming the winningest coach in college basketball. By retiring in the middle of the season, almost immediately after reaching the milestone, and with no other "issues" to use as pretense for quitting, he shows his true character.

And make no mistake, Knight is quitting. He's quitting on the program he signed on to help build. He's quitting on the players he recruited to play for him. The fact that he appointed his son as his successor, is even further evidence that it is what he planned to do all along.

I'm sure the dong slobbering over Knight's accomplishments will begin tomorrow--but I think that any praise of the coach will be immensely misguided.


sammich said...

Sure he's the "winningest" coach in history, but you're right... this was terrible. It's like Belicheck walking off the field before the game ended. Stick out the season. pussy

Russianator said...

I absolutely agree - selfish prick quit - you know why? Because he could. It also makes sure his kid gets to be the coach - I'm sure he was worried about giving TT all off season to renege on the deal they made to make Pat Knight the coach. Good riddance.

poop factory said...

whatever........over 900 wins

its surprising to me that people are surprised and or angry.

if I'm the greatest I do want I want too.

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