Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Berman Doesn't Believe in Miracles

Oh, Another Berman video. He doesn't like Al Michaels. He actually calls him a very, very dirty word at the end of the clip. Bad Chris.

Here's the rest of them from the white whale at You Tube. Supposedly, he doesn't have anymore. What will we all do with ourselves?


Monday, February 11, 2008

Frat Bro Love: Roy Jones Jr. Endorses Mike Huckabee. People far and wide left saying, “Whaaa???”

Roy Jones announced his endorsement of Republican Presidential nominee Mike Huckabee last week. The Huckabee camp actually put an announcement up on his internet “media page”. Huckabee said he was “proud to have the support of such a dedicated athlete and champion.”

I’m sure he has no idea who Roy Jones, Jr. is. Seriously, what in the hell is going on? Is it possible that two men have any less in common? Jones Jr. and Huckabee are both members of Tau Kappa Epislon and that seems to be the reason Jones came forward with the endorsement, but it’s absurd nonetheless.

Jones said:

"Governor Huckabee is a man who knows about struggle and how to work hard for what he wants. As a fellow TKE, I know he's a man of honor and integrity."

This is the same Roy Jones Jr. who’s held cockfights on his property, formed a rap group called the ‘Body Head Bangers” in 2004, and admitted letting the pit bulls he breeds fight for “10 minutes, 15 minutes, maybe like the longest I let them go was a half-hour, but I never let them fight to the death 'cause I can't take that.”

At present, the two most famous people endorsing Huckabee are Chuck Norris and Roy Jones, Jr. Think about that for a minute. Then, think about them fighting each other because that’s even funnier.

Oh, and Huckabee used to be an absolute HOUSE. I don’t think anyone knew that.

Haha, goodnight.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Berman's Softer Side

With all of the ridiculous videos of Berman popping up all over the internet -you know the ones of him dropping f-bombs, creepin' on the ESPN help, and getting angry with screwy telepromters- I figured it was only fair to show Chris' more sensitive side.

In this video, he's just trying to get a couple kids into a bar. Really, he's not that bad. At least, until people start ducking in front of cameras or he's feeling a little horny.



Talkin About Fights not involving Kimbo Slice

Carlos Quintana (25-1, 19KOs) defeated Paul “The Punisher” Williams (33-1, 24KO’s) in a welterweight match-up a little south of here in Temecula, CA. Quintana was a big underdog going into the fight,-coming in as an 8-1 shot- but his movement and left hand helped him score a unanimous decision to capture the WBO title. Two judges scored the fight 116-112, while one had it at 115-113.

Williams was the most avoided man in the 147lbs Welterweight division coming into this fight after his decision victory Antonio Margarito in July. Before that fight, Margarito was the most feared fighter in the division, but Williams’s height (6’2”) and 82” reach were too much for him to handle.

Williams was supposed to dispose of Quintana easily and then set his eyes on the winner of the Cotto vs. Margarito/Cintron fight that’s scheduled for June/July of this year. Now, its back to the drawing bored for Williams. Quintana, who was destroyed by Cotto in 5 rounds at the end of 2006,is now right back at the top of the Welterweight division with this massive upset. Ultimately, he’d like a rematch with Cotto, but he’ll have to see if the “bigger” names will give him a shot.

I didn’t watch the fight yet (sleeping pattern is fucked up), but I’d be interested to see how Quintana pulled off the upset. Williams’s victory over Margarito 7 months ago was so impressive because he was able to keep Margarito at a distance the entire fight. He used his enormous reach advantage to effectively control the fight. Quintana wasn’t any bigger than Margarito, yet he was able to get inside on Williams and reach him with some big shots. Really surprising result, but that’s boxing for you. Williams was already having trouble making money as no one wanted to fight him out of fear. Now, he’ll have trouble making money because no one has to fight him now that the “0” has vanished from his record.

Next Saturday night, Jermain Taylor and Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik pick up where they left off this fall in their much anticipated rematch. The first fight between the two was unbelievable, with Taylor scoring a knockdown and near knockout in the 2nd round, only to see Pavlik rally back and KO Jermain in the 7th. Pavlik took the middleweight championship for Taylor that night, and now Taylor’s looking for revenge. There are no title implications for this fight and it happens at a catch weight of 170lbs (I believe), but that doesn’t mean the fight won’t be as good as the first one .Taylor was undefeated coming into the last fight and lost his belt. Now, Pavlik’s the undefeated titleholder and the favorite to win the rematch, so Jermain will be looking for some revenge. He’ll only get it if he keeps that fucking left hand of his up. He has trouble doing that, and with the brutal straight right of Pavlik’s, he might be in trouble again.

Highlights of last fight between the two (Pro Pavlik Video):