Sunday, March 16, 2008

Don't Worry, He's Alive

After years of looking, I finally spotted him. This guy is more slick than Carmen San Diego and blends in better than Waldo. Yes folks I am talking about Dale Davis. After missing my 11pm flight out of hotlanta i was forced to stick around for the night. I quickly checked my surroundings and realized that I was in a Stomp the Yard remix. Literally the only white person in the whole place. At least I wasn't wearing a bright pink polo and jeans so i didn't stand out or anything... oh wait I was. I only have one dance move and its the worm, I'm pretty sure that is no longer "in" either. So I called a hotel about as quickly as possible to board up in the ATL before I got served.

As I am traveling through the airport to the hotel shuttle, all of the workers are getting off work and going home. It is one giant black posse and me. So I call my mom. I get to the shuttle and encounter my first caucasian mates who were at the Notre Dame vs someone bball game that weekend Mcalanreyerarere hit 42 threes. At least I got to chat with some fellow Irish fans for a while. When approaching the hotel the guys at the bell hop thingy tell the bus driver, "Watch out he likes to run in front of the bus." I look up and see a homeless man approaching at about 50 feet away. We start driving toward him and sure enough he ACTUALLY jumped in front of the bus and we almost killed him.

Fast forward on 5 hours of sleep. So I am getting breakfast the next morning in the airport. The only choice is Popeye's... shocking. So its 6am obviously I am getting to get a egg and cheese biscuit. All of the different colored skinned people around me get a chicken strip biscuit. Thats weird, i hate culture and diversity. As I am waiting in line for security and people are getting thrown out left and right for having gats and uzi's, I notice a very tall, very dark figure in front of me. I see his profile and immediately think... KEVIN GARNETT?! but then i realized that KG is actually blacker than night. So I am trying to get a glimpse of this guys boarding pass to figure out his name and it read none other than Dale Davis. Dressed in suede NBA Fusion clothing, he was 1 foot in front of me. I took a picture of him on my phone and couldn't even get his head in it. I immediately texted my friend who actually believed me.

I had to check up on what Dale has been doing since the NBA.

In August 2006, Davis was shocked with a stun gun as Miami Beach police arrested him for assaulting a police officer, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.[2] In December 2006, Davis was acquitted of all charges.