Friday, October 26, 2007

The Contest

Due to the fact that Buzzsaw was at the Virginia Tech debacle last night (Boston College is trash), I'm filling in for him and posting this week's picks. It's time to update the standings first though.

BigLots 26-14
Guy 22-18
Sammich 16-23-1
Buzzsaw 13-23-4

To sum it up, I'm awesome and Buzzsaw will be taking an entire beer up the butt shortly.

Onto the picks:


West Virgina/Rutgers Under 57
Houston/UTEP Over 74
South Florida -4.5 @ UCONN
Tampa Bay -3.5 vs. Jacksonville
NY Giants -9.5 @ Miami

Iowa +3 v MSU
Ohio St -3.5 v Penn State
Minnesota +23 v Michigan
Redskins +16.5 v Patriots
Dolphins +9.5 v Giants
**BONUS** Bye pk v Notre Dame

UConn +4.5 @ USF
Washington St +5.5 v UCLA
Oregon -3 v USC
Miami +9.5 v NYG in London
Carolina +6.5 v Indianapolis

Vanderbilt -13.5 v Miami (OH)
Ohio State -3.5 @ Penn State
Michigan -23 v Minnesota
New York Giants -9.5 v Miami in London
St Louis -3 v Cleveland


BigLots said...

No one sent me their picks so everyone needs to just add them themselves.

Buzzsaw said...

"Taking a beer up the butt" makes it sound soo dirty.

Timothy said...

I'm taking B.Y.E. by at least 7. Clausen will get it going towards the end, but it won't be enough to get the job done.

Guy said...

Mike, I'm coming for you today. And it starts with UConn.

Logan said...

I love that Iowa pick buzz

Ironmike said...

Where are need picks help need picks sos .
Peace Iron Mike