Friday, November 23, 2007

Ohio State is going to sneak in.


Hey Guys!
When Missouri beats Kansas tomorrow night and then loses in the Big 12 Championship(or vice versa) hybn, TOSU will face off against West Virginia in the National Championship game. Do either of those teams deserve to be there? Absolutely not. But who else does? Nobody. TOSU has the 79th hardest schedule in the nation. That's fucking hard. They should be #1 because of all the good teams they beat. The only good team they played was Illinois, who lost the Mizzou by six, Iowa by four, and michigan by six (Chad Henne for Heisman is one of the worst quarterbacks ever and he makes michigan that bad). Who knows how TOSU will fare in the title game.

Maybe I prematurely said WVU will sneak in. We all know how bad the BIG EAST is and they still have UCONN and SHIT at home. There is a pretty good chance they will lose once Pat White gets hurt in the first half. This means Rudy Carpenter still has a chance OHHHH wait no he doesn't, good luck not getting drafted.

Could it be Georgia if they beat the Jackets and LSU? Nah I'll take the GaTech defense in an upset. Let's not go any deeper into the rankings. I am getting into the VaTech, Oklahoma, USC territory and the voters will keep LSU, Kansas, and Mizzou in front of them. So here's the deal. The Ohio State University is already a LOCK for the title game. God hates me and therefore its sold, no arguments please. Who will they play? Who cares. It's too hard to tell.

However teams need to learn something. TOSU has scraped by into the national championship game twice in the past five or six years. So for future reference follow the Bucks plan. If your conference is going to be bad, and your team is going to be bad, just schedule the MAC, and I-AA teams for out of conference. Then hope you go undefeated (thank you Juice) and sit around for three weeks watching teams lose. The Big 12 and SEC have their title games and those usually knock off a good team. Ohio st. does something smart by not scheduling any bye weeks. They don't lose any momentum or rhythm during the season, and when its over they just sit around and wait.

The strong schedule isn't necessary to make it anymore coughirishcough. If teams like Ohio State can not play a single tough team and make it to the big game, then why should anyone voluntarily play anyone with players who aren't mentally retarded. Just hope every other team sucks. 12-0 is always a good indicator to these oblivious news writers.

*if tosu played wvu they will lose. tressel cant stop the spread offense. hes retarded when it comes to stopping blacks. ie vince young, percy harvin, juice willians, tim tebow (black at heart)

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mjenks said...

And yet, Notre Dame gets criticized every year for playing tradition rival Navy. Something's wrong here.