Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weekend Sports Betting Preview

Fuck you BigLots


Arizona State -7 v UCLA
Ohio State -15 v Illinois
Florida/South Carolina Over 59.5
Dallas -1.5 v NY Giants
Browns +10 v Steelers


Texas/Texas Tech Under 102.5
Miami +49 v Virginia
Kansas -5.5 v Oklahoma St.
New Orleans +10.5 v St. Louis
San Diego +3.5 v Indianapolis


Wisconsin +3 v Michigan
Georgia -2 v Auburn
South Carolina +7 v Florida
New Orleans -10.5 v St Louis
Oakland +3.5 v Chicago



BigLots said...

what the hell is that picture

Buzzsaw said...

It's LaRon man, he's a badass.

BigLots said...

youre such a douche. scoreboard.

Seigler said...

Hey guys, what happened to the Lowsman award every week?

Anonymous said...


this blog sucks now.

Buzzsaw said...


Anonymous hates us, as well he should. The blog is basically dead. But people like anonymous keep checking it which we appreciate but don't really understand. We aren't doing the contest to be informative anymore, just to track our records/make fun of eachother. Little does anonymous know, I will be posting one last Lowsman article on Heisman day ... so fuck you anonymous. If it weren't for the contest though, we'd have declared ourselves dead, but we aren't ready to officially do that, OK?

Seigler said...

well I understand it's rough to keep things like this up. For what it's worth, when you do update, I like the content.