Friday, June 1, 2007


Mike Vick=Dogfighting Heavyweight This stupid, but sometimes stupid is funny. Especially when it features Dwight from "The Office". (from

Good Work Hilary Daris, it looks like Hilary bought into your whole "editing is for losers" thing. (from

Some guy got a video of the Loch Ness Monster Supposedly this is the best video yet. For some reason I'm still skeptical.They also list "last remaining dinosaur" as one possible theory. This is news? (from

Premiership Team of the Year Nothing official, just one of the soccer guys at ESPN. He's actually one of the competent ones. And yes, Gerrard made the cut, otherwise I wouldn't have posted it. (from


Buzzsaw said...

I'm really glad you posted the video of the Loch Ness Monster ... Last night, I was watching my favorite show, Red Eye on Fox News at 2:00 am Monday-Friday. The host is a comedian and he was talking to his panel about how he believes in the monster.
One of the people ask, "So you must also be excited about Christmas this year, what's Santa gonna bring you." I swear to God, this is exactly what he said, on Fox News ... "I don't care, so long as he leaves it on my chest." I seriously almost shit myself laughing. Will someone please watch this fucking show so we can talk about it, PLEASE.

Buzzsaw said...

I thought I'd also pass along an extremely interesting and thought provoking link about next year's NFL season:

I'm not sure how to put that in link form damnit, maybe if I was a fucking contributor

Guy said...

I watched about 10 minutes of that show the other night, and although it looked promising, I was too tired to appreciate it. I might DVR one so I can watch it after work some day. We'll see how it goes and I will keep you posted.

Medicine said...

They also list "last remaining
dinosaur" as one possible theory.