Friday, June 1, 2007

The NL All-Stars

I'm back with my selections for the NL All-Star team. Dating back to 1997, the National League is an impressive 0-9-1 in the annual midsummer classic. Since Bud Selig has decided to make sure that "this time it counts", the winner of the All-Star game gets homefield advantage in the World Series which means the NL has been at a disadvantage for nearly every World Series this decade. Needless to say, the NL would like to come away with a victory this year to save some face.

I don't know as much about the NL because my team is in the AL and I my opinion is that the NL is garbage and inferior (it is). Even though the NL won the World Series last year, my opinion is that the Cardinals were the worst World Series winner of all time (they were). Therefore, I tend to not watch it as much. Now, on to the picks.

(starters in bold)

C-Russell Martin, Benjie Molina, Paul Lo Duca
Russell Martin is the obvious choice here. Not only does he lead all NL catchers in RBI's he shockingly has eight stolen bases. I'm too lazy to look this up but that might be more than the rest of the NL catchers have combined. Impressive. Michael Barrett was considered for the team but when the batboy went to hand him his bat in a game a week before the rosters were set, he punched the batboy in the face because he felt "threatened". Cubs fans applauded his decision saying "the batboy had it coming."

1B-Prince Fielder, Adrian Gonzalez, Albert Pujols
Prince Fielder has been on an absolute tear of late and deserves to be starting. Missing from the list is last year's MVP Ryan Howard who has been in a season long slump to date. Todd Helton almost pushed Pujols off the roster but the power numbers just weren't there.

2B-Chase Utley, Kelly Johnson,
Whether Buzzsaw agrees or not, Utley has been the best second basemen in the NL again this year. No one knows who Kelly Johnson is anyway so there is no way I could make him the starter.

SS-Jose Reyes,
Hanley Ramirez, Edgar Renteria
Shortsop in the NL this year is loaded and any of these three guys could have started. Ramirez has more runs, HR's, and a better average but Reyes has a decided advantage in RBI's and SB's, therefore Reyes gets the nod.

3B-Miguel Cabrera, David Wright, Chipper Jones
Cabrera has put up the best numbers on an obscure team. He gets the spot over Wright and Jones who had very similar numbers.

OF-Matt Holliday, Carlos Lee, Adam Dunn, Carlos Beltran, Jason Bay, Eric Byrnes, Barry Bonds
El Caballo and Holliday headline this list. Dunn gets the start only because of the Home Run total. Lee gets the start also because the one and only Hawk Harrelson gave him the nickname El Caballo and we all love the Hawk. I'm not sure how Byrnes snuck on there. I just couldn't think of anyone else from the D'Backs. Bonds makes it simply because the game is in San Francisco and his numbers have been decent enough.

Starting Pitcher-Jake Peavy
Peavy has gotten off to an incredible start and is far and away the leader in ERA. No one deserves it more.

Backup Starting Pitchers-Oliver Perez, Rich Hill, Shawn Hill, Cole Hamels, Brad Penny, Tim Hudson
Perez has come out of nowhere to have a good year while the Hill brothers make it in because their team needs to have someone there. Hamels is having a breakout year and will most likely be starting a couple of these before his career is done.

Relievers-Francisco Cordero, Takashi Saito, Jason Isringhausen, Billy Wagner
Cordero has been incredible this year and if the NL has the lead headed into the ninth expect him to get the ball.

Prediction for the game:
American League 4
National League 3

Bobby Jenks pitches a perfect tenth and eleventh and due to the fact that every position player has been used he bats for himself in the top of the twelfth and promptly hits a 435 foot home run to the opposite field into McCovey Cove. He strikes out the side in the bottom of the twelfth and the AL gets homefield advantage again in the World Series.

I'd appreciate it if you left your bitching about this roster in the comments. Thank you.


Logan said...

you should have called this post AAAA All-star picks

HAUS said...

BigLots (great beds there i hear) You are an idiot when it comes to the NL. Dunn starting? Comon dude. He doesnt even beat out his teammate Griffey Junior (who could quite possibly deserve a start). Speaking of the reds...where is Aaron Harang? 2nd in wins and 4th in strikouts?

Logan said...

wheres he at in ERA?

Guy said...

Hmm, 4.22... pretty good for an NL pitcher.

Buzzsaw said...

By second in wins you mean tied for 6th right? And by mentioning K's you mean his ERA is in the 4.00's correct? OK, Harang has no business in this conversation. I think you can make an argument for Griffey. Why Bonds is on there is beyond me. The only major stat in which he's in the top 10 in NL OF's is HR's and those seem like a realllllly long time ago. I'd put Francoeur who's top 3 in RBI and top 10 in BA, which is a shocking improvement considering his love affair with first pitches out of the zone.
I also disagree with the fact that Smoltz isn't their over Oliver Perez ... he's got more Wins and K's and was also ahead in ERA before his last start in which he left in 3inn because of injury, but it's pretty close (I'm getting used to the New York bias).

Buzzsaw said...


By pretty good do you mean top 40? If so, then his ERA is pretty damn good

Guy said...

The more I look at the Harang argument, the more adorable it is.

Harang has given up exactly 5 ER in four of his last seven starts. That is downright splendid.

Logan said...

is there a pirate on there, im not seeing one, then again i could probably name two pirates

Buzzsaw said...

Jack Sparrow andddd Jason Bay, that's all I've got.

Bish said...

This list is complete bullshit. How are you going to leave Derrek Lee off this list and put on Albert Pujols? While I realize that the cubs only chance of beating a major league team has been reduced to beating them in backyard wrestling, Derrek Lee has had a solid season - he is batting .351 (almost 60 points higher than pujols)has a better OBP, slugging percentage, has more RBIS and most importantly is beating pujols in fantasy points earned this year. All of this has been done in 10 less at bats!

Also Valverde, the closer for the dbacks should probably be on this list in place of isringhausen...

I would love to argue more but derson we cannot continue to argue otherwise our bad karma will result in the Bulls failing to get Yi and ending up with someone from Prague or Bosnia whose name we will never be able to pronounce or even worse - SPENCER HAWES

Buzzsaw said...

Totally agree on Valverde ... Byrnes doesn't deserve to be on the team anyway, Valverde needs to be there at closer. Please apologize

BigLots said...

Wow, I love the action on this post. Haus, I'm disregarding you. Bishop you have a good point in Lee. I guess I just didn't consider him because he missed a lot of time. He's one of the few Cubs that I actually respect. I guess Bonds was a bit of a stretch too but I stand by the Byrnes choice. Isringhausen has less saves but his ERA is 2 runs lower than Valverde's. I put more stock into ERA's and since Valverde didn't make it I had to find a D'Back.

P.S. Bishop I want Yi too but I don't see it happening. If they're gonna draft Hawes they might as well trade the pick for a veteran.

what_is_this_car_doing said...

just for continutiy sake i'm going to throw this out there - eat a dick biglots.

ice cold beer said...

not like i care. however, there has already been some noise about this but after selling beer and witnessing my fair share of reds games junior has got to be considered for NL outfielders.

Health Blog said...

Todd Helton almost pushed Pujols
off the roster but the power
numbers just weren't there.