Wednesday, October 10, 2007

WARNING: This is a Story About the NHL

Hockey is actually pretty cool guys. If you count golf as a sport, then in my opinion hockey is the second toughest sport to pick up and play. Unless you are from Canada (Minnesota included). The thing is, in any sport you walk or run, but in hockey you have to learn how to skate. Not only that, but skate fast, skate backwards fast, stop, handle a stick/puck while doing all of that. Or perhaps stop a tiny black object flying over 100 mph at you. Anyways it may bore some people, but they deserve respect.

Now, onto the topic that no one will read... Alexander Ovechkin vs Sidney Crosby. The first a LW, the second a center. The most startling fact? They are 22 and 20 respectively, and two of the best players in hockey. Crosby is actually younger than me. That pisses me off. Ovechkin was the 1st overall pick by the Washington Capitals in 2004 from Russia. In just two years he has accumulated 99 goals and 102 assists. Unfortunately for him, the Caps suck ass and he was -19 last year. Ovechkin has the single most amazing goal ever. In the history of the world. I said so. That's why. Check this out.

Tits indeed. Ovechkin is young, scary, he's a fucking sniper, and he is from Russia. That's only a plus in vodka drinking competitions and hockey. And killing innocent people.

Sidney Crosby is pretty cool. He was drafted as the first overall pick by the Pittsburgh Penguins from Nova Scotia (gay). Crosby is known for his amazing vision and ridiculous puck handling. He has 148 assists and 75 goals in just two season with the Pens. Last year he lead them to the playoffs and played three weeks on a broken foot. That was Leftwichesque. He never told anyone about his injury but instead just kept kicking ass like it was his job.

Number 1 isn't even possible. Numbers 3,5,7 are sick. I don't know he is amazing. Sorry that some of the announcing was in French. I tried to find a de-pussified version but there wasn't one.

Anyways overall I think Crosby is the better start to a solid NHL team. He is from North America and he does cool things. I'm out


Logan said...

crosby is a badass, go pens

Buzzsaw said...

Ovechkin is a badass .. I love my Caps

Anonymous said...

articles like this are what im talking about. go COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS...rick nash.

ex-WVU Chuck said...

Get used to seeing players younger than you kick ass. In fact, you might as well start watching Pop Warner football and not even bother with any pro sport. And ESPN has actually televised those games before, that's how bad the Sickness has become already!