Thursday, October 11, 2007

Weekend Sports Betting Preview

That video made me want to shoot someone

Alright, nothing seems to be working. It's time for me to find a sure thing, these posts have really been getting me down lately. The only thing that can possibly get me out of this rut is ... reverse psychology.

The game? Boston College at Notre Dame. The play? Boston College -13.5 The reason? I can't lose.

I'm really taking this because I want ND to keep the game close since I'll be there, and there's no way I could actually post a correct pick. But beyond that, BC just looks like a good bet. Notre Dame beat UCLA last week 20-6; great win I was very happy, but, if you look at the numbers, the offense was as awful as it has been all year. Notre Dame had 140 total yards. UCLA had 282. ND had 12 first downs. UCLA had 20. Clausen was 17/24 for 84 yards. ND had 0 turnovers. UCLA had 7. And ND only won by 2 TDs.

I love Notre Dame's pass defense, especially Darrin Walls, and I think they will do a good job against an extremely overrated Boston College. I just don't think that the Notre Dame offense can possibly stick with BC, no matter how awesome the defense plays. Was that all convincing enough? BC IS A LOCK!!!

Boston College -13.5 v Notre Dame

BC -13.5 v Notre Dame
Louisville/Cincy Over 65.5
Tulsa/Marshall O 71
Titans +3 v Falcons
Redskins +3 v Packers

Big Lots: TBA

GT +2.5 v Miami
Wisconsin +7 v PSU
Louisville +10 v Cincy
Patriots -5 v Cowboys
Browns -4.5 v Dolphins

Oregon -19 v Washington St.
Cal -14 v Oregon St.
OSU -30.5 v Kent St
Redskins +3 v Packers
Browns -4.5 v Dolphins


sammich said...

I heard you can't go to the game anymore and you wanted to give me your ticket. That's too bad but I'll be there satruday around 10 to get it from you.

sammich said...

Also is there more of a lock than Wisconsin +7? I don't care about anything except the face that psu is really bad and Morelli is the worst QB ever. The only other lock bigger than this is Rutgers being bad.

Buzzsaw said...

Wisconsin seems too easy, but they've been putting ridiculous lines on Penn State all year. I actually decided I was going to the game ... I can get you a ticket to one of the shitty games if you want.

Anonymous said...

I am a hardcore Notre Dame fan, even when they suck. I had a very strong feeling that we would lose because our offense just can't seem to get it together. The offensive line is doing jack shit. There were a few impressive players on the offense though and dammit Charlie NEEDS to start Evan Sharpley. I know he wants Jimmy Clausen to be the starter, but he doesn't move us down the field as well as Sharpley does. When he comes on, the offense just gets going. Well, this season may be pretty much done for us, but as always GO IRISH!

Anonymous said...

P.S- the defense is definitely doing better then last year and Maurice Crum Jr impressed the crap outta me with his performance in the UCLA game!