Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Britney Spears Eats Baby Seal

Not really, but I hope you get my point by the end of this rant.

I was reading some headlines on Fox News just a minute ago and came to the realization that our major media sources are trying to dumb us down.

The most read stories on Fox News consisted of:

1. A man who choked a bobcat to death

2. An 8ft alligator being found in a New York basement,

3. A man, doused in gasoline, who died after being shot by a taser gun fired by a police officer

4. A Michigan Mom who is serving 12-22 years for a sex "contract" with underage girl.

5. A Bikini Model Turned Newswoman for Fox Reality show Anchorwomen

6. A Manuscript showing Isaac Newton's calculation of the Apocalypse

A few other stories not worth mentioning were also included.

I can't begin to explain how many problems I have every time I look at a most read or most viewed story section on the internet. Why does our country care about this kind of stuff? Do the major media sources have a responsibility to report important news, or can they only focus on those stories which make them the most money?

It's hard for me to consider the majority of American's "informed" if they are skipping over major international news for a quick fix of ridiculousness.

Terrorists have taken over the Gaza Strip. Iran's power and influence in the Middle East has reached an all time high, and they are linked to the situations in Iraq, Palestine/Israel, and Lebanon. Their president is crazy and many Islamic extremist groups want Israel wiped off the face of the map forever. Sounds pretty serious, right? Yet, we focus on the trivial. The saying' ignorance is bliss' is now more true than ever.. Get out a map, study the world we live in, realize the seriousness of it all, and I'll guarantee our "most read stories" will be a bit more valuable. That's all for now.

Editing is like needing to let a really gross fart around a bunch of strangers. It just sucks.


Buzzsaw said...

I think you should just back off, just because you don't enjoy the stories doesn't mean I don't deserve to know what type of baby food Danilynn enjoys (smashed sweet potatoes) or how often she shits (4 times a day depending on the food she's eaten that day, if it's the Gerber Prunes she can doody up to 6 times in a day) .. SO JUST BACK THE FUCK OFF

Anthony said...
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Guy said...


In light of your post, I went with a very serious topic about Renee. Enjoy.

Medicine said...

The saying' ignorance is bliss' is now more true than ever.