Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hatton vs. Castillo: Too Bad

Well, the fight came and went pretty fast. I am quite disappointed in the outcome, not because my boy Castillo lost, but because the fight wasn't entertaining. I suspected that Castillo would put up more of a fight, but he looked like a shot fighter. In his defense, he couldn't gain any rhythm as Hatton's "Hold and Hook" strategy made the fight crawl on, but it wouldn't have mattered anyway.

Hatton was the younger, more dedicated fighter, and Castillo knew he was in big trouble right away. In fact, Castillo didn’t work up a sweat until after the 2nd round. He seemed frustrated with Hatton’s style, and willing to pack it in the first chance he got. Hatton’s left hook to the liver was great, but Castillo could have gotten up if he wanted to continue. He would have five years ago. Vegas had Hatton going off at 8/5 yesterday, and I think he was closer to 2/1 at fight time, so it was expected, but Castillo could have pulled off the upset if his heart was in it. As Kellerman said, its' never fun playing "revisionist historian", and I hate doing it as well, but the Castillo we all saw tonight was a shell of his former self. Maybe it was the vicious battles with Corralles, or his two tough Pretty Boy decisions, or sparring with Chavez for all those years, or his 17 years of punishment during his brilliant career, or just finally quitting for the first time at the age of 33; whatever the reason, it wasn't the Castillo who was in every big fight the last 10-12 years.

I feel bad for Hatton because he wanted to prove he was one of the best in the world tonight, but Castillo couldn't help. Hatton's two” most impressive fights" are now Kostya and Castillo, as he mentioned in his post-fight interview. He needs to move back to welterweight where he can get some real fights. Cotto, Margurito, and a host of others are all waiting. The fight wasn't what I expected or hoped for, but that's boxing. The next couple months feature a full-plate with many exciting matchups, and I am looking forward to the next big fight.

I had to order HBO (the channel) for the fight, so even though the fight itself was a let down, I can now watch 'The Sentinel' 5 times a day, and maybe catch a little soft-core porn late night.


Daris said...


sucks castillo was shot. you are right, it could have been the best of the year. hatton needs to stop holding in close if he wants to be a part of memorable fights. he is the one slowing things down. he mocked PBF after the fight, but his fights seem almost as frustrating, just in a different way of course.


Buzzsaw said...

Yea, btw Daris, if you want to cancel HBO you can do it tomorrow and only pay like $.50 for the fight, they make it seem like you have to have the whole month, but I asked ... you don't. But if you keep it, I'd highly recommend watching Flight of the Conchords On Demand, it's funny as hell, episode 2 is Sunday night.

As for the fight, it was garbage obviously. Castillo just wants to retire but can't for the whole money think with Corrales' family. I feel really bad for the guy, he's not gonna get anymore big money the rest of his career after that shit. I really like Hatton, but I don't see him competing with the Welterweights, it's by far the best division in boxing. I absolutely can't wait for Margarito/Williams July 14th and can't believe it isn't on PPV. Whoever wins, I actually think it's gonna be Williams, will set up an awesome match with Cotto. Then I hope to see Mayweather grow some balls and fight Mosley ... which would make for a playoff type situation in the Welterweight division with the Mayweather/Mosley winner fighting the Cotto/Margarito-Williams winner. That is the type of situation that might save boxing. People just don't know who needs to beat who to win these titles, it's a big problem ... goodnight

Jonny said...

I've been watching Hatton for years and it gets more and more fustrating everytime he fights, does exactly what's needed of him (no more than any1 else would/could have done in those situations - including Mayweather) and yet people seem to imediately search for explanations of why he won by cheating or the other fighter didn't turn up. The only way he can really leave a legacy is if he can beat Mayweather (that is if the 'pretty boy' has the guts/gets offered enough precious money), in which case i would bet on Hatton hands down - Mayweather has fluked his last 3fights and de la Hoya would probably be more formidable yet Mayweather has the superior reputation and record.
Shame about Castillo's efforts last night, it wasn't about heart it was about age and condition not being able to deal with that body shot. That said, if he could have done, i still don't believe he would have had anything to answer the pasty Manc.

Buzzsaw said...

Hatton is in a really tough spot, the Junior Welterweights are pretty much devoid of any real competition, everyone of merit is a welterweight that he needs to fight. I think it's pretty safe to say that the welterweight division is the deepest in boxing, he's going to have to really improve as a boxer to compete with someone like Cotto, Margarito, or Williams .. let alone Mayweather. I really hope he doesn't get a shot at Mayweather, not because I don't want to see the fight, but because Mayweather already has a long list of more worthy suitors who have been waiting within the Welterweight division. If he once again dodges Mosley by choosing to fight Hatton he'll look like a coward. And if he does fight Mosley and wins, he'll have to fight the winner of Cotto/Margarito (or Williams), if he pick Hatton over that person he'll once again look like a bitch. I think Hatton is too small to brawl and KO a good welterweight and isn't skilled enough as a boxer (like Malignaggi who had a chance to outpoint Cotto a year ago)to outpoint someone like Cotto in a brawl.

Gee said...

ive read the comments by you guys and wonder what way your TV's are facing when watching the fights?
before the tyzu fight he was pound for pound rated best in the world and was taken apart by Hatton. same for castillo. as for castillo over the hill thats a joke he was just well beaten, what you want Hatton to do stand back and let him fight? id take Hatton against any fighter in his divisions including Mayweather but he wont fight Hatton, too high tempo and needs to rest on the ropes at times and he would get badly beaten up doing that. Hatto, Calzaghe you all want to put them down but unfortunately no big names will fight them as they all run scared. Taylor has pulled out of 2 fights with Joe after Joe smashed opponents up and their comments about his power. So guys look a bit longer at whats out there and ask WHY the so called best in world wont fight the best of british?

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My Blog said...

I feel bad for Hatton because he wanted to prove he was one of the best in the world tonight, but Castillo couldn't help.

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