Wednesday, June 20, 2007


  • Piece of crap Michael Barrett is traded to the Padres. I think it's safe to say that he needed a change of scenery. Who knows how many people he would've randomly punched had he stayed in Chicago. ESPN

  • I know this happened a couple days ago but it's pretty sad and I don't feel like the passing of IU's head football coach has gotten a whole lot of notice. From all accounts, he seemed like a great guy. The Postmen

  • For some reason this just seems like something that would happen to Buzzsaw. MSNBC

  • This story has to be made up. CNN


Daris said...

Coach Hep's energy and enthusiasm at IU were second to none. He got a basketball school pumped up about a shitty football program even though we continued to struggle. He was loved by the IU community because everything he did was from the heart; that can't be said too much anymore.

I wish he would have had more time as I truly believe he could have turned the program around.

Medical Blog said...

From all accounts, he seemed like a great guy.