Saturday, February 9, 2008

Roy Williams Don't Know Nothing About Nothing

I’ll be brief with this story about UNC basketball coach Roy Williams, but let it be known that I think his lack of pop culture knowledge is arrogant, miserable, and extremely obnoxious.

Exhibit A: He doesn’t know who Dr. Phil is.

A reporter began a question about the rivalry by saying "I don't mean to be Dr. Phil-esque with this, but ..."

When the question ended Williams looked around the room and said, "Who's Dr.Phil?"

Exhibit B: He doesn’t know who ‘Kramer” is.

"When I was at Kansas, they had a contest among the students I was supposed to help judge about who looked the most like this one guy. I turned to (guard) Jacque Vaughn and asked him for some help. He said 'You never heard of Kramer?' and told me who to vote for.

Exhibit C: He knows nothing of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (which I guess I actually applaud).

We were in a group talking one day and somebody mentioned the latest 'Lord of the Rings' movie. Coach was amazed they made a movie about that and we had to tell him it was the third film in the trilogy."

Please, please, and please. Roy, there’s no shame in admitting you know about this stuff.

I remember watching a Coca-Cola commercial Williams was in awhile back and thinking two things:

  1. He should have said, “I’m Roy Williams, and I approve this message.” at the end of the commercial.
  2. This guy is the biggest hilljack I know.

I think my observations were spot on. I’ll let you decide.

Roy needs to focus less on slamming Cokes and more on getting his pop culture game together. Pussy.



Anonymous said...

What a worthless blog. You are a fucking moron.

Roy Williams is a basketball coach. He doesn't have time to watch Dr. Phil, Lord of The Rings, or Seinfeld re-runs.




Got it?

QT, bitches.

matt arrowhead said...


Anonymous said...

i think the post was meant to be a joke, but I'd like to think 99.999999% of the population knows who kramer is.

matt, don't be sad.peace.

mjenks said...

Wait, you're going to applaud him for not watching the Lord of the Rings movies, but you don't give him a big old slap on the back for not knowing who Dr. Phil is? C'mon, Matt. Give the man some props.

First Anonymous: You're right. He should probably work on that whole "beat Clemson" thing, since they've looked so stellar against them both times this year.

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