Thursday, September 27, 2007

Abandon Ship!!!

The Notre Dame football team is completely imploding, today, 360 lb OL Chris Stewart just left school. That marks the third player to transfer this year, and the second in a week. On Tuesday, sophomore tight end Konrad Reuland announced he was transferring, most likely to UCLA. Reuland was the #2 ranked tight end coming out of high school, and would have most likely started next year.

Stewart was the only offensive lineman to not play against Michigan, literally, so that won't hurt too bad. None of these transfers will, tight end and quarterback (Demetrius Jones) are the deepest positions Notre Dame has, but this points to a larger problem with the team's morale. I don't blame ESPN and talk radio hosts for not looking at the big picture, they're borderline retarded, but why don't the players see it?

This year's seniors are from Willingham's last recruiting class, it was horrendous, and was basically the reason he was fired. You want to know why Weis isn't being fired? Because he has a top-3 recruiting class coming in next year. The juniors on this team are from the turnover year, from Willingham to Weis, Weis was busy winning a Super Bowl, and the coach search took forever ... so there is basically no one in that class either. This team you see now is basically made up of 5th year seniors, sophomores, and freshmen.

Next year, this team will be better, not great, but I'd say a top-25 team. They will have no significant seniors, but will have top-5 recruiting classes in their junior through freshmen classes. By the time Clausen is a junior, this team should be a national title contender with the recruits they have. It's disappointing that these guys are leaving this year, as the future is bright ... sure, when you come to ND you don't plan on having rebuilding years ever, but it will be worth it.


sammich said...

stewart is fat

mjenks said...

How can you say Reuland would have started next year? He was fourth on the depth chart this year, with two more talented TEs coming in next year's class.

Stewart may come back. Perhaps he's over his "homesickness".

Buzzsaw said...

Stewart is back ... I have class with him. Reuland would have started because he's an awesome receiver. He was the #2 ranked tight end in the nation out of HS, he's lower on the depth chart because they don't need a pass catching tight end with Carlson. Don't question me Jenks.