Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lowsman Watch: Week 4

1) Harrison Beck, QB, NC State: 60/116. 650 yards, 2 TD, 7 INT

Harrison only got a chance to play in a couple series’ against Clemson last weekend, due to injury, but he made the most of the snaps he did get. On the first two drives of the game Harrison went 1/6, 9 yards, and an INT. Not too bad, those type of numbers will only increase his lead. No one should worry about the injury though, Harrison will be back for the Wolfpack’s game against Louisville. I know because he told me on his website. If anything can save Beck from Lowsman infamy, it’s Deon Palmer and the Louisville defense. (That's Harrison from HS, he's intense)

2) Deon Palmer, S, Louisville: Really Sucks

I hope you enjoyed that transition, I work hard on my transitions. I don’t work hard on much else, especially research, I pretty much used up all of my Deon Palmer info when I enlightened everyone to the fact that Horace Grant’s his father. I don’t have the energy to search any family trees, but I’ll play the odds and say that Shawn Kemp is his uncle.

3) Paul Duncan, OL, Notre Dame: 0 Blocks

I’ve exhausted all of my Notre Dame lineman, so I’m back where it all began. It’s difficult for me to properly explain the ass kicking Notre Dame is about to receive from Purdue, I’m not even going to try. All I know is that Paul Duncan will carry much of the blame.

4) Brandon Cox, QB, Auburn: 50/94, 571 yards, 3 TD, 6 INTs

Brandon is a statistical anomaly, he’s got all the tools, but he can’t seem to put them together for this Auburn offense. I did an oral poll amongst my peers to determine whether Cox and balls are meant to be together, and the results were stunning. 100% of those polled replied that Cox and balls were indeed meant for each other. This is why Auburn’s offense is so confusing, they’re clearly better off when Cox doesn’t control their balls, but I’m not sure they have any other options.

5) Casey Dick, QB, Arkansas: 35/71, 410 yards, 3 TDs, 3 INTs

(Don’t worry, there will be no Dick jokes, I’m too mature for that) I’m beginning to wonder if Dick gets off on throwing interceptions. When teams put 11 in the box to stop D-Fad, the back door is wide open, how hard can it be to hit a receiver when everyone's looking for the run? It can’t be difficult, but Dick managed to pull out two interceptions against Kentucky’s vaunted defense. Though his numbers may not be as bad as other QBs, his numbers need to be more impressive because defenses are begging him to beat them.


sammich said...

is that picture legit

Anonymous said...

I really dont appreciate you bashing my cousin! (Deon Palmer). Horace is his father and no Shawn Kemp is not his uncle but Harvey Grant is!