Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Few Thoughts

  • Kevin Curtis, of the Philadelphia Eagles, stated on Sunday that he feels as if white receivers don't get enough of a chance. After his huge game, KC explained that he thinks white wide outs are exploited and that the media hates to see them make plays. Donovan McNabb wasn't available for comment, but his agent said that McNabb thought Curtis was black and he won't make the mistake again next week.
  • Mark Ecko is the clothes designer who purchased Barry Bonds' steroid record breaking home run ball for 3/4 of a million dollars. In case you haven't seen the website yet, Ecko has been taking national votes on what to do with the ball. The options include sending it to the baseball hall of fame as it is, sending it in after branding it with an asterisk, and launching it into space. Barry Bonds called Ecko "an idiot."Personally I would love to see it launched into space because that would be hilarious, but today the votes were tallied and it will be given to the hall of fame with an asterisk on it. I voted to let it go unblemished. Why? Because, after all was said and done, I was watching the chase as it got closer and was ready to see him hit the home run. Of course I hate him and want him to die, but Arod will destroy that record in the next decade and we will once again, have a legit home run king.
  • Milton Bradley really did tear his ACL arguing with an umpire. This is going to be on every single countdown that the best damn sports show has for the next century. Even the one's titled "Greatest Moments in Figure Skating." I remember when Milton played for the Indians and he had "I'm going to be a clubhouse cancer" embroidered on his jersey. Someone decided to get rid of him and ever since he has hit a home run against the Indians in every game he's played, but at least he's still a dumbass. In case you haven't seen it yet, please click accordingly. The umpire has been suspended for the rest of the season because Major League Baseball said he used profanity to taunt Bradley. Toys R'Us has decided to pull all Milton Bradley board games off its' shelves until the company changes its' name. (that's not even funny. i suck).
  • Antonio Henton, 3rd string quarterback for TOSU, has been arrested on charges of soliciting a prostitute. He was considered to be Troy Smith's apprentice, even though he was dumber, and couldn't throw a football. Still the typical TOSU fans believed him to be the next Heisman Trophy winner since they are irrational and dead to me. Henton offered money to a prostitute who posed as an undercover cop and was arrested hahaha. TOSU hass suspended Henton indefinitely and I believe he should be kicked out of school where he will enroll at Florida this coming fall. Florida encourages prostitution, gambline, and rape so Henton will be given a full ride. Have fun with Todd Boeckman.
  • My preseason pick of a Texas vs Louisville national title game is open for laughter. Louisville is out barring the top 25 teams don't all die, and Texas still looks a little shaky. Clearly I should have picked USC vs LSU, but what is the fun in that? That's like saying America is the best country in the World and everyone is just a bunch of pussies... it's already general knowledge, I like to be adventurous. Also I still stand by my statement that Rutgers is bad and is probably the worst top 10 team in the history of college football besides Miami and FSU when they were "good"). Actually every team in college football sucks. This is by far the least talented year ever. It is like an NFL season. Bad

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Buzzsaw said...

It really is the worst season ever ... LSU is probably the best team in the country, because their defense is soo awesome, but it was actually better last year. And they obviously had a better offense last year ... and they weren't even national champions.
I'd obviously argue against Rutgers being a bad top-10 team ... Tiquan Underwood is the best player in the country.