Saturday, September 29, 2007

That Was Fun

Cool Saturday, let's do that again. I love watching teams lose so TOSU can move up to number five even though they haven't played a top 100 team. First of all, my other preseason national title pick, Texas, is out of the mix. They decided to not show up against poop state. So anyways, #3, #5, #7, and #10 have lost. Thats tits. Plus when Jake Locker beats USC, that will be five of the top 10 falling in one week. That has to be some kind of record. There's always a chance Auburn could beat Florida, but I bet Tim Tebow does something "amazing" that will be talked about for another season. My guess: They snap the ball to Timmy and Percy Harvin runs forward and dumps a gallon of honey all over Tebad. Wideout Kesthan Moore was in motion and comes behind for the fake end around, but instead dumps a bag of bird seed all over the sticky Tebow. Meanwhile Tim pulls out his bird whistle and a flock of trained pigeons swoop down with their huge talons and pick up the quaterbad where he is gracefully flown into the end zone. Hey, I've seen crazier things... LIKE THAT JESUS CHRIST LOCKER!!!!!!! HIT HIM HE WAS WIDE OPEN YOU ARTARD! Fucking huskies.

Rutgers lost. HAHA fags. Tiquan Overratedbythisblog Underwood, cut him from that list. Rooting against Rutgers was not acceptable last year, but I believe things are different now. They were so overrated the whole year, I've said it all along, and now no one can disagree. FU.
Also, I wish I knew those Big East lovers who were commenting on here so I could ask them how their week was.

Minnesota just won an award for the ugliest uniforms ever. I hope I am not the only one seeing this. It looked like Chris Wells just trucked a bottle of mustard to get six.

My hatred of Michigan State grew today as well. Late in the game Wisconsin wide receiver Kyle Jefferson caught a ball across the middle and a Michigan State dback, whose name I refuse to mention (I also can't find out who it was), DESTROYED Jefferson. It was one of the biggest hits I've ever seen, however it was also helmet to helmet and it looked like Jefferson's neck snapped on impact. The kid did not move at all after the hit and Michigan State starts celebrating the big hit like the cocky bastards they are. Everyone loves big hits ok yea, but don't continue to celebrate after the guy lies there motionless.

Before this week, I thought there were six good teams this year. The top four, Kentucky TOUCHDOWN LOCKER! TOUCHDOWN HUSKIES YAYAYAYYA, and Notre Dame. After this week, there is LSU, Kentucky, and Notre Dame. Florida and USC are losing so I can't count them yet. All of this has left me with two thoughts...

1) I can't believe they are making a movie about Michael Clayton... he isn't even good.
2) I have to shit.