Monday, June 25, 2007

Boxers and Briefs

I just want to mention that I realized the gayness of the article title almost instantly after I finished typing the 's' on the end of briefs. I was tempted to take it down as no one would have known, but I decided to leave it. If anyone read it and thought to himself/herself "hey, that was pretty clever", you are gay too. Side note on the himself/herself usage in the last sentence: I don't know if one woman has ever voluntarily/intentionally visisted this site, but I'll still be gender sensitive.

Now that I've wasted 15-30 seconds of your life depending on your WPM (words per minute) reading speed, continue on to waste 120-240 seconds more.

Response to comments posted by Gee, who said: "ive read the comments by you guys and wonder what way your TV's are facing when watching the fights? before the tyzu fight he was pound for pound rated best in the world and was taken apart by Hatton. same for castillo. as for castillo over the hill thats a joke he was just well beaten, what you want Hatton to do stand back and let him fight? id take Hatton against any fighter in his divisions including Mayweather but he wont fight Hatton, too high tempo and needs to rest on the ropes at times and he would get badly beaten up doing that. Hatto, Calzaghe you all want to put them down but unfortunately no big names will fight them as they all run scared. Taylor has pulled out of 2 fights with Joe after Joe smashed opponents up and their comments about his power. So guys look a bit longer at whats out there and ask WHY the so called best in world wont fight the best of british?"

1. Kostya was 35 years old when Hatton fought him. He may have been considered the best pound for pound going into the fight, but it would be insane to suggest he was fighting anywhere near his prime. Hatton’s win was impressive, but it needs back-up. Hatton wasn’t able to prove anything because Castillo was done before the fight started. He said it was one of his toughest fights of all time, and if that’s the case he still has something to prove.

2. I'll say it again; Castillo was shot. You could tell 30 seconds into the fight. He was slow and dried up. The man wasn’t sweating until the end of the 2nd round. He couldn’t make weight a year ago and was banned from fighting under 140lbs. His last fight was an unimpressive victory that was blamed on his time away from the ring! Believe what you want, but the Castillo we saw two nights ago wasn’t the same man who battled Mayweather, Corralles, and Johnston. Again, I don’t know how that can be disputed; all one has to do is watch Castillo’s old fights.

3. Your assertion that the “best” in the world are running scared from Hatton and Calzaghe is also off base. Mayweather and other big names in the division won’t fight the Brits because there’s not enough money to make it worthwhile. Now, I know that might not be as true for Hatton anymore, but before his last couple of fights it certainly was. Calzaghe’s last fight was against Peter Manfredo, winner of The Contender. If he is 43-0, and his last opponent won a reality TV show in the States, how am I expected to be anything but cynical? That's like me saying I'm 43-0 in my local basketball league, only for you to find out I'm playing at the YMCA against 10 yr old kids who are "special". (I’m 23 years old and only 50% of the population would consider me “special”.) A bit of an exaggeration, but I think you get the point.

4. I don’t have an opinion on Hatton because I haven’t seen enough of him. However, I don’t think anyone is running scared from him. If the money is right, I am sure Cotto, Margurito, Sugar Shane, and a host of others will gladly accept a fight. Just be careful what you wish for as Buzzaw mentioned. Hatton would have trouble dealing with the speed if he jumped to Welterweight. He’s a brawler, but that won’t work against someone like Pretty Boy. Hatton doesn’t move his head and keeps plowing forward. The fight just might turn into target practice for Floyd. Someone like Cotto or Margurito would be better for him, but I’ve seen him look suspect after some marginal shots at light welterweight. Once again, I’m not sure, but he might want to consider staying at 140lbs.


Put these in your favorites so that you have more shit to keep you distracted at work. They all work pretty well for me. Logan, that comic is speaking to you.

The two best boxing links I have found on the internet so far are listed below. Boxing Scene uses something called Compubox which caluculates punch totals and allows observers to really look at the numbers after a fight. (I know Log will love this one! He is the resident "Stat Man") Boxrec is nice as it allows for you to search by name and find any boxer that fought before 200 B.C.. Their database is unreal.

Boxing Scene

My buddy from California gave me a cool basketball link. A lot of NBA news to be found. I especially like the team salaries link on the page. Take a look at what Isiah and the Knicks owner have done spending wise. They are the biggest disgrace to business management in the last 100 years. The guy who invented the pet rock might have more, I don't have mine anymore, I gave Theo away.

Hoops Hype

Two cool statistical type sites for the NFL and MLB. I'll also link the ProFootball Talk page, but I think everyone should have that bookmarked by now.

ProFootball Talk
NFL Page
MLB Page

I still like gambling. The WSOP is going on right now and the new main event, the 50k HORSE tournament is running over the next few days.


Last Thing:

I'll end another one of my ridiculously long articles on a serious note. The number of injured vets returning from Iraq now number anywhere between 35k-53k based on different estimates. A CNN article states,"for every one solider killed in Iraq 15 are injured." This is due to increased, more sophisticated body armament and protection. Many of the injuries aren’t life threatening anymore, so serious long term health problems are becoming more prevalent. Additionally, the weapon of choice isn’t always a gun, instead our enemies are using something our media/politicians are calling an IED (Improvised Explosive Device). I think they mean a shitty, homemade bomb. Semantics aside, these IED’s lead to traumatic brain injury.

During the 04' election, both candidates suggested that something needed to be done about our Veteran health care system; especially for those just getting back from the Middle East. What has been done? Their injuries are less subtle then a bullet hole or missing leg, but ubiquitous nonetheless. We need to make sure our vets are receiving the best possible care!

These are the men and women fighting to protect us and spread democracy around the world. Regardless of what side of the fence we all sit on, it is important that we never diminish their efforts through our own apathy. Sit back, even for a moment, and remember what these people are doing. I've taken their courage, altruism, and devotion too lightly for far too long. Love or hate the politicians who sent them over, but thank the people who are doing the job!

That's all for now.


Logan said...

great post, i always love the long ones. i urge anyone who likes boxing to check out those sites...very good stuff.

definitely agree with you about the Iraq veterans. its sad how the controversy around the war can lead people to turn their backs on people who have nothing to do with the politics behind it.

Dr. Health said...

Hatto, Calzaghe you all want to put them down but unfortunately no big names will fight them as they all run scared.