Wednesday, October 3, 2007

BoSox-Halos, Live from Switzerland

It's 12:30 here, I'm fighting off a cold, pounding Red Bulls and I have class at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow. Don't ever question my dedication.

After everything negative I've heard about, I have to say I'm pretty impressed. The picture quality, while not comparable to HD, is pretty damn good.

1st inning
Lead off hit by Chode Figgins. He seems very intent on running...two hit and runs lead to two outs and Figgins is stranded at third.

Yooooouk deposits the first pitch he sees over the Green Monster, staking the Sox to an early 1-0 lead.

With two runners on J.D. Drew grounds out to end the inning leading my friend Pat to call him a 'giant cum guzzler'.

2nd inning
Beckett is hitting 98 on the radar gun.

Jose Mota is the sideline reporter, which leads to the question...who the fuck is Jose Mota?

Harold Reynolds makes a surprise appearance on the commercial. I think this is the first time I've seen him in about two years.

Lugo leads off the bottom of the 2nd with a hit...they're starting to look like they own Lackey.

With two outs Lugo steals second only to be called out. A ridiculously bad call. The replay shows he was CLEARLY safe.

3rd inning
Mike Lowell makes a great diving stop to his left for the out and...there were no announcers to call it. They must have both been taking a piss or something.

Home run by Big Papi!

Great shot of Lugo spread eagle in front of the dugout adjusting his 'package'. Thank you Bill Simmons for allowing me to notice that.

Wow, Manny just swiped a base on a ball that bounced in the dirt. Steve Stone says that Manny's awareness and anticipation are an underrated part of his game. Yeah, like his intelligence is an underrated aspect of his announcing ability.

Lowell singles to drive in Manny (4-0). Drew grounds into a double play. Cumguzzler...I think that nickname may stick.

4th inning
Beckett goes 1-2-3
Through four he's thrown 51 pitches, 38 strikes and just 13 balls. He hasn't given up a hit since Figgins led off the game with a single.

Sox go 1-2-3 as well.

5th inning
No offense to Jose Mota but you would think a qualification for a sideline reporter would be the ability to speak English. Seriously this is unintelligible.

Beckett goes 1-2-3. Beckett is dealing. I have wood.

6th inning
TBS shows a shot of Lackey in the dugout. He is probably the least indimidating ace I have ever seen. He looks like he should be an accountant.

Beckett retires the side on 8 pitches. Two Ks and a flyout to center.

Just as I was about to call for Jacoby Ellsbury, Drew gets an infield hit. Its a short noose.

Varitek grounds into a double play, making it the third of the day for Boston. This game could be a blowout right now.

7th inning
2:33am Europe time and I'm still going strong. I actually just changed into basketball shorts so I can scratch my balls better. Thought you might like to know...

Vlad just swung at a ball that was about to bounce to Varitek...and he fouled it off! He is a freak. He then ripped a single to left.

Please, please Josh, please go 8 so we don't have to see Gagne.

Beckett induces a ground ball to end the inning. Note to random announcer with Steve Stone: it can't be a double play ball if there are two outs.

Lackey is out, Santana goes 1-2-3.

8th inning
Beckett strands the runner on second with a nasty 2 seamer that sneaks back over the inside corner to freeze Morales. Alright Terry, let's not fuck around here...put Papelbon in.

Santana goes 1-2-3 again.

9th inning
Even better than Papelbon...Beckett comes back out for the ninth. I guess that makes sense, he's only at 100 pitches. To quote Dan Fouts in The Waterboy, "You can't hold anything back now."

Figgins hit a sharp liner to left and Ellsbury, in as a defensive replacement for Manny, makes an amazing diving catch. Fracona looks like a genius.

Orlando Cabrera grounds out to third, followed by a Vlad single up the middle. Garret Anderson then flies out to center to end the game.

Becketts final line: 9 IN 0 R 4 H 0 BB 8 K
Its already the third postseason shutout of his career and he's only 27. Wow.
Dice-K vs. Escobar on Friday...should be interesting. That's all I've got. I'm going to sleep for a few hours.


Buzzsaw said...

I was hoping to hear some type of defense of Beckett's soul patch, so, I'm a little disappointed, but nice win.
Can you explain the point of leaving Beckett out there for the complete game, other than for making him look good? Even though he didn't have that high of a pitch count, wouldn't it have been better to give his arm as much rest as possible? I'm not suggesting they throw out one of the great relievers, who need rest too, but anyone could have finished that. It was annoying. I get that he steps up in the playoffs, and that's a reason he has more CG shutouts in them ... but there have obviously been times in the regular season where they pulled him with a SO, wouldn't the most important time to do that be the playoffs?
That was way to long of a question, since I don't care that much, but it was just annoying to me, because it didn't seem like what was best for the team.

Logan said...

I'm pretty sure most major league teams don't make many decisions based on what makes a player 'look good' (with the exception of something like leaving someone in during the regular season who is throwing a no-hitter). Like I said, Beckett's pitch count was not that high (around 100 pitches), he's never been one to suffer from arm problems from overuse, and, as a result of their schedule, there is zero chance he will have to pitch on short rest.

Their relievers are a different story. Papelbon had shoulder problems last year and they have been limiting his appearances all year. Okajima was shut down less than two weeks ago with a dead arm. A four run, although fairly comfortable, is not something you mess around with in the playoffs, so I think that is reason enough not to bring in someone else besides those two.

The last thing to consider is simply how dominant Beckett's stuff was last night. When a pitcher is that 'on', and hasn't shown any signs of tiring throughout the game I think that is something you have to take advantage of.

Probably more than you were hoping to hear, but its the only American sporting event I've seen in a month, so forgive my wordiness.

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