Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The long awaited update to The Contest

I'm back. I never really went anywhere I guess but now I've decided to finally get off of my ass and update the contest. I got a little bored with it because I've been dominating so thoroughly. You know that feeling when you're just a little too good at something? It gets tiresome. When I'm not challenged I lose interest. It's just human nature.

Okay, I'm glad I got that out of my system. Truthfully, I only wrote that last paragraph to piss off Buzzsaw. It just so happens that pissing off Buzzsaw is one of the few things in the world that I'm better at than this contest. Actually, as you can see Guy is pretty close to me and could even pass me this weekend if I slip up. Even though it's early, it looks like Buzzsaw and Sammich are going to be battling it out to avoid funneling a beer up their ass.


BigLots 18-7

Guy 14-11

Sammich 9-15-1

Buzzsaw 6-16-3

In completely unrelated news, the Diamondbacks and the Cubs are just now starting their series. I think it's well documented where my allegiance stands in this match-up. While in the middle of writing this award winning article I happened to catch the starting lineup of the Diamondbacks:

Chris Young
Stephen Drew
Eric Byrnes
Tony Clark
Mark Reynolds
Jeff Salazar
Chris Snyder
Augie Ojeda
Brandon Webb

Jesus Christ that is awful. That team had the best record in the National League, are you kidding me? I knew the D'backs weren't exactly a dominant team but I had no idea it was this bad. I'm relying on Augie Ojeda and Jeff Salazar to deliver me from my own personal hell which would be the Cubs advancing in the playoffs? This is just awful news. I'm extremely bitter right now. I'm just gonna console myself by staring at The Contest standings for a couple minutes.


irishsnake said...


Buzzsaw said...

Irishsnake, I can assure you that Big Lots is rooting for the D-Backs, he hates the cubs more than anyone I know ... and I know a lot of haters. Even D-backs fans can admit that lineup is awful. But I'm gonna guess you're a frustrated Cubs fan.

BTW- I suck, but don't worry, I'll still be posting my auto-fade pick tomorrow for everyone.

BigLots said...

Yea I take it back, they're clearly not awful after shelling the Cubs pitching staff for three runs. Believe me I want the Diamondbacks to win probably more than you do.