Friday, October 5, 2007

LeBron takes a dump on Cleveland

I didn't notice it while watching last night's game but its been brought to my attention by a number of people that LeBron James was actually sporting a Yankees hat at the Tribe-Yanks game--at Jacobs field no less. I used to have some respect for BronBron until I realized that he is every kid that I hated in grade school. Not only is he a Yankees fan for no apparent reason, he's also a Cowboys fan and a Bulls fan. You know the kid I'm talking about. Cowboys Starter jacket. Jordan jersey. Brand new Yankees hat. How can any one like such a bandwagon piece of shit? Its bad enough that he's a fan but to wear the hat to the game and proudly display it is like taking dog shit and smearing it in the face of every person in the city of Cleveland. If I were an Indians fan at the Jake I would bomb beer bottles at his head (Cleveland fans already know how to do this).

As if I needed another reason to root for the Yankees to lose. I hope the Indians sweep and LeBron breaks his leg.


sammich said...

I love the cavs. However I don't think I can ever cheer for Lebron again. Ever. I hope he gets traded to the Knicks. Fuck king james

Daris said...

In 1995, they tore out rows of seats and started small fires in the last game at the old Cleveland Stadium just weeks after it was announced the team was moving to Baltimore.

hahaha, starting small fires?

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