Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Notes from the Underground

Don't get too excited, this is not actually my first post in almost a month. has returned for a guest appearance, which may please you more than my return. In other good news, I have purchased the International Edition of MLB.tv which means that I will be able to watch all the playoff games live (albeit at ungodly hours) so expect something later in the week. Until then...enjoy.

With the MLB playoffs looming, and NCAA/NFL in full swing, I couldn't resist doing a quick write-up.

I didn't know if the MLB playoffs would decrease my work productivity this year, but after watching the dramatic finish to the Rockies vs. Padres one game playoff, it's safe to say I'm screwed. The game was back and forth all night, and produced some great drama . I guess Dane Cook is right; "There's only one OCTOBER!!!". I don't really feel bad for Trevor Hoffman, who blew two saves in three days, as he's had his moment in the sun for quite some time. I was actually amazed he had over 40 saves this year. He has a wicked changeup, but it's not too effective when its only 2 mph's faster than his, ah, fastball. Matt Holliday went from "outhouse to penthouse" (yea, I still say gay stuff), when he ripped a triple off the right field wall that tied the game at eight apiece. He was actually in jeopardy of losing the batting title when he stepped to the plate; having gone 1-5 up to that point,. However, his triple sealed the batting title, and the RBI crown (if I'm not mistaken.) Next came the sacrifice fly that will be talked about incessantly over the next couple days. Yes, Holliday was blocked by Barrett, and never touched home plate. Umpire Tim McClelland made the safe call, about 3 seconds too late, and the game was over. After 13 innings of exciting, lay it all on the line baseball, the game was decided by an incompetent umpire. I say, "who cares", the game was spectacular, and I was rooting for the Rockies anyway. I mean, they hadn't made the playoffs since 1995, and had to win 14 of their last 15 games to get into the post season. There's nothing left to be said, but congratulations. Larry Walker is so freakin' proud of you guys. I bet he slammed a bunch of Molson Ice (I think he's Canadian) right when Holliday thudded across the area around home plate.

Now, the whole playoff picture is set, and some focus can shift off the NFL Empire; at least until Sunday. I am looking forward to almost every series coming up. I really can't decide who I like in either AL series as the teams all seem so evenly matched. I will be rooting for the Indians and Red Sox, only because I want to see McBread and Log's friendship ended when one of their respective teams fails to win the AL Championship. As of now, my money is on Log in any fight that occurs because of the potential Cleveland/Red Sox matchup. Why you ask? Well, he TKO'd me during a slap boxing match a few months back. I don't know if McBread could do the same, so I'll just have to see.

The matchups in the AL are very interesting. I'm not sure if the Yankee's pitching staff can hold up, especially in the middle innings. Moreover, Roger Clemens guarantees a Game 3 loss for the Yanks, so I like the Indians chances. With CC and Fausto heading the Indians' rotation, the Yanks could be in for a long week.

The BoSox just named their starting rotation for their series against the Yanks. Beckett has been spectacular this year, and we all know he performs very well in the post season. If Dice-K doesn't have a tired arm, and Curt can spot his pitches well, the Red Sox can get by The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (or whatever the hell they are called.) Lachey, the terrorist threat, has pitched very shitty against the Red Sox, especially in Fenway, so it will be interesting to see how the series plays out. (Oh, and Eric Gagne needs to take off those ridiculous glasses. They were cool when he was good, but come on, its just pompous when you dress ridiculous and suck at your craft.)

I'm not going to get into a long discussion about the NL series. I don't think the Phillies/Rockies series is worth talking about (yet), and I don't know enough about the D-Backs to comment on their series with the north siders. I am not a Cubs fan, but will be pulling for them as many of my friends are. They deserve to get within a couple outs of the World Series, so I hope they advance to the NL Championship.

If im not mistaken, baseball has taken a backseat on the blog, so I hope to inject a little "fall fever" (Yep still ridiculously gay) onto the interwebs.

I have been having a very great football betting year. I am up a total of 22.75x over the past month or so, which has inflated by thin wallet and ever expanding ego. I'd be up a few units more if not for the Bungul's no-show tonight against the Pats. I don't know why I bet against the Pats. I've never lost a game I've bet with them. Randy Moss is ridiculous; shakin' his dick in front of every DB in the league. He is one of the Top 5 most talented football players of all time, and it's just sad that he stopped trying for a couple years out in Oakland. Of course, the Patriots are able to keep him under control, and it means trouble for the rest of the AFC. I don't think they will go undefeated (that's pretty tough to do people), but I do believe they will be next to impossible to beat when the playoffs roll around. The Colts are still at the top of the AFC as well, but the Patriots seem to be playing on a different level. The same cannot be said for the San Diego Chargers. They are (1-3), and seem to have no energy or enthusiasm. I predicted this when they hired Norv Turner. He is the worst coach in the NFL and is a proven loser. Marty Schottenridiculouslastname couldn't win a playoff game, but at least he consistently took his teams to the playoffs.

We can also throw the Saints into the group of underperformers this year. This shouldn't be too surprising to NFL "experts", nonetheless, you think they'd be a little better. (Contemplated Katrina something or another here, but I think its too soon.) However, the season is young, and one would be foolish to jump the gun on who will/won't suck at the end of the year. (Oh, I forgot to mention the Bears, but their not really worth talking about. What a joke!)

Some pleasant surprises include:
Detriot (Maybe Kitna isn't crazy)
Arizona (Kurt Warner's butch wife is getting more air time)
KC (Watch Hard Knocks on HBO. You gotta root for KC)
Tennessee (Vince Young says "F You Wunderlich Test)
Tampa Bay (John Gruden is a jackass)
Green Bay (only if you're a Packers fan, and I am certainly not.)
Washington (Joe Gibbs likes Nascar)
The Skid Marks (Browns)

Oh, Dallas is pretty good too. (Wade Phillips, Romo, TO, Jerry Jones...... Foursome?)

College football got pretty ridiculous this past weekend. I don't like to say "I told you so", wait yes I do, so I'll just come out and say that the Big East was overrated this year. And shockingly, Steve Slaton's fumble issues cost WV any chance of winning the game against South Florida. The PAC 10 is performing quite well, and the Oregon/Cal game was one of the best I've seen over the last couple years. I'm interested to see if Cal or USC can come out of the PAC 10 with an undefeated record; it will be tough.

My two teams, ND and Michigan, seem to be headed in opposite directions. Michigan has played well since the dreaded spread offense went away, and could be the talk of the Big 10 by the end of the year. It seems like Wisconsin is overrated, and Ohio State is beatable in the Big House, unless Tressel installs the spread offense and lays the biggest beat in the history of the Big 10. He's pretty crafty, so I'm sure he's planning on firing something ridiculous off.

Notre Dame, on the other hand, can't win a game to save their lives. They are getting pooped on by every team in the country. They showed some heart and executed well in the 2nd half against Purdue, but it could be along time before they get a victory. They might have trouble beating Duke this year if they don't pick it up. O'Charlie looks like he's put on another 15 pounds of blubber, which only suggests he's spending extra time sulking in the Ponderosa buffet line. GROSS! Really, ND football deserves its own article, so I'll stop ranting now.

Oh, and my fantasy leagues aren't going to well. I'm glad I listened to all of those people who told me to take Stephen Jackson. Just goes to show, one should always trust his gut. I'm in last (or close to it) in both of my leagues. I will continue to get embarrassed unless I start caring and turn into the beat master. If anyone wants to make a "shady" trade and split the profits at the end of the year, I'm all ears.

Well, that is it for now everyone. Peace be with you. (I guess the write-up wasn't so quick after all.)


sammich said...

i guess i'll read this novel over the next 2 weeks. 10 pages per day should work

Buzzsaw said...

How can you say the Big East is overrated? South Florida is legit, beat Auburn on the road ... ask Florida if that's a tough place to play ... and they just beat WVU. Sure, Rutgers and Louisville have had bad losses, but so have Oklahoma and Texas. They've got 4 teams ranked in the top 25 ... only the Big 12 has more. Cincinnati has absolutely dominated everyone. So, I think that pat on the back was a little premature.

Speaking of pats on the back, if anyone else wants to guest write and let us know how they're doing betting-wise this year for no apparent reason, please email us and let us know.

Daris said...