Friday, October 5, 2007

Weekend Sports Betting Preview

Alright, I apologize for my lack of productivity this week, I just got completely shit on with school work. Anyway, this is gonna be short and sweet. I've loved Arizona State all year, I think they're the most underrated team in the nation … think Purdue with a defense. This week they go to Washington State, in their second road game in a row.

Washington State is coming off two awful losses, 47-14@ USC (understandable) and 48-20 @ Arizona (understandable in women's basketball). Overall, they're 2-3, also getting crushed by Wisconsin, 42-21 in the first game of the year. Their only two wins have come against San Diego State and Idaho, teams that are a combined 2-7. Washington State also has a shit load of injuries. Arizona State is 4-1 ATS this year, and Washington State has been raped by every decent team they've faced. I should probably be wondering why this line isn't closer to two TDs, but I don't care. I love ASU this year, they'll win by 10+.

Arizona State -9.5 @ Washington State

Arizona State -9.5 v WSU
Tulsa -3 v UTEP
UVA -10 v MTSU
Houston/Miami Under 43.5
Detroit/Washington Under 46

MSU -14.5 v Northwestern
OSU -7 v Purdue
Texas +11 v Oklahoma
San Diego +1 v Denver
Houston -5.5 v Miami

Northwestern +14.5 v MSU
Kansas State -3 v Kansas
LSU -7.5 v Florida
New England -16.5 v Cleveland
Indianapolis -10 v Tampa Bay

Big Lots:
Kansas/Kansas St. Over 55
Stanford +41 v USC
Michigan -29 v E. Michigan
New Orleans -3 v Carolina
Houston -5 v Miami