Friday, October 5, 2007

What Ever Happened to Discipline?

My memory may be faint, but I think that I recall back in the day that when an athlete committed a felony, action was taken. These days it seems like every time a kid does wrong, he gets off with a slap on the wrist and heightened popularity. Their ego grows, they think they are untouchable, and they grow into a poor example and role model as a professional athlete. Just look at the Vick brothers, Pacman, Randy Moss, Chris Henry, Corey Dillon, none of them were disciplined well in college (besides Marcus). I know I have written about this before, but it is time the coaches, and judicial system take control and crack down. There is no excuse to drop charges because they are an athlete. I believe, that if Vick is charged fairly with a very harsh sentence, that it could be the beginning of a new era. However, it still seems as if coaches will do anything to protect their irresponsible players, and do anything to win.

Earlier this week, fifth year senior, captain, and starting safety Tony Joiner, was arrested on the charges of felony burglary when he broke into an impound lot to steal his girlfriend's car. You would expect that Joiner would be doing some time for a felony charge, but no he will be back on the field this Saturday vs LSU. The worst part about the whole thing, Urban Meyer doesn't care. Meyer said that as long as the charge got dropped or reduced to a misdemeanor then Joiner could play. So according to Meyer, it is perfectly fine to receive a misdemeanor because that crime isn't that serious, right? Pathetic, sad, call it what you want, I'm disgusted. Joiner's punishment: he loses the title of captain. That is sad Urban.

Joiner complied with the police the night of his arrest. The witness saw him break in and then called the police. When Joiner tried leaving with his girlfriends car, the witness told him that police were on the way and he drove the car back into the lot, and waited for them to arrive. They arrested him and charged Joiner with a felony burglary. The owner of the impound lot (obviously a huge UF fan), dropped all charges because he said that he lost nothing and nothing was damaged.

It makes no sense. If you are a big time athlete at a big time college, why would you fuck up your career by doing something mentally retarded? Why can't you just take your four years, play your heart out, and make it to the NFL as a touted, respected human being? There is no point in breaking the law when you have everything lines up for you. Would Joiner have done this if Florida beat Brandon Cox? I don't think so. Maybe he was on tilt. Maybe that's his "excuse." But I just think he's a giant turd. Along with Meyer, the whole Florida team, FIU, FAU, every single thug college in Florida that can't figure out how to teach their kids some damn life lessons.