Monday, July 2, 2007

Soccer News and Notes: If You Don't Read This You're a Wanker

I always wanted to say "wanker". It makes me laugh. Anyway here's some stuff to keep you up to date on transfers and things of that nature.

  • It looks like Liverpool is very close to the big signing everyone has been waiting for. It is expected that it will become official that Fernando Torres will be the new striker for the Reds. I'm pretty excited about finally having a world class goal scorer, even though I was really hoping for Eto'o, especially after Henry signed with Barca. Luis Garcia, the Liverpool forward who missed most of the season with a knee injury, will sign with Torres' old club, Atletico Madrid.
  • In other, less enjoyable Liverpool news, legendary goal score Robbie Fowler, who's contract with Liverpool expired this year, can't seem to find a team for next season. He said he hasn't gotten a single offer, but remains optimistic. I would think Premiership's fourth leading goal scorer of all time would be able to find work somewhere. If it means he ends up in the MLS, I would be happy though.
  • Manchester United finally signed Owen Hargreaves, the English national who formally played for Bayern Munich of the Bundesliga. Hargreaves was one of England's lone bright spots in the 06 World Cup and should make an already great Man U team even tougher to beat.
  • Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has yet to renew his contract. Its been reported that he recently rejected an offer that would have made him the highest paid player in Chelsea's history, which is saying something. His name has also been linked to Barca and Juventus.
  • The U20 FIFA World Cup is going on right now in Canada, and the U.S. is one of the favorites to do well. They actually tied South Korea 1-1 yesterday and they play Poland tomorrow on ESPNU. Check it out if you have the channel. It's good soccer and these guys are the future of our program; many of them will probably play in the next World Cup.
  • The Men's National Team takes on Paraguay tonight in the Copa America group stages. Its on a channel that most people don't get (GolTV), but there is an easy way to watch it. Go to this site, and download the player for free. Once you get it up scroll down until you see GolTV. Its pretty good quality and the announcers speak English, which is always a plus.


Anonymous said...

for those of us who don't follow soccer enough as they should, this article is great. i enjoy the updates. im pumped about the u20 squad as well. the torch is being passed for sure. the columbus crew are awesome!
i still cant remember my password...this is going anonymous although not really anonymous.

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The Men's National Team takes on Paraguay
tonight in the Copa America group stages.