Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sorry, Another Soccer Article

While I was making my morning run thru of websites (sports, news, celebrity gossip) I came across an article Gene Wojciechowski wrote about David Beckham. I don’t normally ready Wojciechowski’s articles because, frankly, I don’t think he’s a good writer. He writes mostly opinionated pieces, which would be fine except he generally supports them with nothing more than overused sports clich├ęs. Well this one was no different. Let me sum it up for you. Soccer is boring and English (I guess that’s bad now) and Beckham is old and washed up, so why should we care about him coming to the MLS?

Now I have two problems with this article besides the obvious lack of creativity and originality. One is his assertion that soccer is boring. This angle has been run into the ground by sportswriters who are too closed minded to even give it a try, or too stupid to put together a coherent article about why they find it boring. It’s also frustrating to hear so many people complain about it because no one is shoving soccer down their throats (you know, the way ESPN is with the WNBA).

The second issue I have is the way he portrays Beckham and the MLS (which he basically quoted someone who knows something about soccer and then inserted his own sarcastic comments in between). Yes, Beckham is past his prime, when he was arguably one of the best players in the world. No one is claiming he is still the best in the world! But he’s still a great player, definitely the best in the MLS. We’re talking about someone who is still playing for the England national team and was an instrumental part in helping Real Madrid win the Spanish Primera.

This is a big deal for soccer in the United States, whether or not you want to admit it. Honestly we don’t care what you think, so stop subjecting us to your lame articles until you learn to do some research or start supporting your opinions with things that matter like, you know, facts.


Daris said...
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Daris said...

just to echo log's sentiments, i think its ridiculous that people claim soccer is boring when it is by far the most popular sport in the world! How does one argue the entertainment value of a sport that is followed by hundreds of millions of people internationally. Classic American ignorance; It's not in your face entertainment, so it sucks?? Good logic.

I think people should stop saying "i think soccer is boring", and instead go with "I am completely in the dark about the sport and consequently ignorant about how interesting/exciting it may be, so I'll shut my mouth and stop looking like a jackass."

Soccer hasn't caught on for a number of reasons in the United States, but being boring isn't one of them. I am a very casual soccer fan (though I think I watched every world cup game last summer), but appreciate the talent and skill level the game demands. People need to stop being retarded. Most anti-soccer journalists don't know the first thing about the game.

How can anyone expect to like something they know nothing about? Jesus, people need to start thinking before they fire off ridiculous comments.

back to work.

Guy said...

I'm not saying it should happen, but as a casual fan, I would be much more into the World Cup if it were every three years. Any more and it would definitely hurt the tradition.

Dr. Health said...

One is his assertion that soccer is boring.