Monday, September 17, 2007

Just Looking to Put Some Food on the Table

As you may have already heard, Travis Henry has a few kids here and there. Nine to be exact. And that’s a lot of mouthes to feed. I’m sure he doesn’t regret that lavish spending that bumps up his child support numbers so high. But as they say, what’s done is done. And now Travis Henry has to be good at football. No, really. He doesn’t have a choice.

As Henry’s lawyer, Shiel Edlin said:

“He doesn't have any money. The guy has significant financial issues.”

And that’s despite signing a contract in the offseason for 5 years, $22.5 million with a total of $12 million in guarantees. That twelve should go a long way, but to pick up his entire contract, Henry needs to be running with a purpose in Denver. After all, Shanahan could put a paraplegic back there and they’d run for 1,700 at this point, so he better give them a reason to keep paying him.

And guess what? He’s coming through so far. As of Monday afternoon, Henry is leading the league in rushing with 267 yards through his first two games. Considering all of the drama in the last two Broncos victories, his achievements are being lost in the translation. In week one, Jason Elam and the rest of the field goal team ran out on the field and barely got a game winner up for the win. On Sunday, Sebastian Janikowski kicked the game winner in overtime, but the referees gave Mike Shanahan his timeout that he called right before the snap. Seabass went on to hit the top of the post on his second attempt and Elam went on to work his magic again. This team could easily be 0-2. But they’re 2-0, and Henry has played a large part in that, despite getting his touchdowns ganked by the likes of Cecil Sapp and Brandon Marshall.

By the time it’s all said and done, Henry will be added to the list of backs that reaped the benefits of the Broncos system. And you may see an influx in the number of Henry jerseys being sported in Florida, North Carolina, Texas, and Georgia.

[Atlanta Journal Constitution]

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Buzzsaw said...

I'll give you Cecil Sapp as a TD vulture, but you need to give Brandon Marshall some respect, he's top 25 in the league in receiving yards and Cutler is his QB.
I think Selvin Young should be looking for a package in the mail from Henry any day now, and by package I mean a stab wound to the thigh.