Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rational Talk About the Redskins

Now that I’ve had a day to let it all settle in, I’m ready to rationally talk about the Redskins’ 2-0 start to the season. They are the best team in the NFL. They have the scariest secondary in the entire NFL, Champ Bailey and Dre Bly can talk all they want, but any rational WR would rather get locked down by those guys than knocked out by Area 51.

Let me explain to everyone why the Redskins are so good. Do you all remember ESPN’s preseason NFL rankings last year? I’m not exactly sure where the Redskins ended up, but I know they were in the top 5. That team had a ton of talent, on defense and offense, but they disappointed everyone. So, due to the 5-11 alone, people have counted them out this year … except for Redskins fans. We knew that last year was a fluke disaster for two reasons, Mark Brunell and injuries to the secondary.

Mark Brunell was painful to watch, imagine Grossman if he never threw further than 10 yards down field. It was one of the more painful offenses ever. However, when Jason Campbell came in, teams had to respect the deep pass and, in turn, the running game opened up. They averaged 151 yards rushing per game when Campbell started and have continued by averaging over 160 yards in their first two games, despite losing two of their top three linemen. Campbell is a game manager type quarterback, but keeps defenses on their toes because of his above average arm.

The defense was ranked 31st in the league last year in total defense, they didn’t get any turnovers or sacks. People thought the problem was the defensive line, which would make sense, but that wasn’t the problem. Injuried to the secondary killed the team. Shawn Springs missed nearly half of the season, and was injured even when he did play. Carlos Rodgers only missed one game, but had nagging injuries all year. Even though he could play, he wasn’t ready to be a #1 cornerback. They had no depth either, and Mike Rumph actually started for the Redskins defense. Clearly, those guys couldn’t matchup man to man with any receivers, even the Eagles, thus neutralizing Gregg Williams. His defenses are predicated on the blitz, and it’s impossible to do that without able cornerbacks. Quarterback pressure does not come from the defensive line, it comes from the linebackers and safeties, who were unable to blitz. This year, however, they’ve got Rodgers and Springs healthy and they added Fred Smoot and David Macklin … two guys who started on their previous teams. Now, with great CB depth, and the addition of monster LaRon Landry, the Skins defense can blitz and get the opposition’s QB off balance. Exhibit 1: Trent Green Exhibit 2: Donovan McNabb … I can’t wait to see Rex Grossman when the Bears come to Washington, it will be a sight to see.

So, in conclusion, this team is for real. As it stands they will be favored in all but 3 of their last 14 games. If they don’t make the playoffs, I don’t know what I’ll do … but it won’t be good. If they do make the playoffs though, absolutely anything can happen because the NFC is, shockingly, worse than last year.

Sorry about the slow day thus far, I had a rough morning. I was getting my Bagel Bites out of the oven and literally burnt the entire back of my hand trying to get them out, but I'm fighting through the pain; I've got to, I'm a blogger.

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The Redskins are soo awesome