Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Only Race I Care About Is The AL Central

Denzel Washington once said... "I don't care if you're black, white, blue, purple, or orange, I want the offensive team on this bus and the defensive team on that bus." I am not really sure if those are the exact words, but they are damn close. It is time for all of this black, white shit to end. Wah wah wah I'm not treated fair because of the color of my skin. SHUT THE FUCK UP DONOVAN. SHUT THE FUCK UP SHEFFIELD. SHUT THE FUCK UP DON IMUS. PLEASE, OZZIE GUILLEN, NEVER TALK AGAIN. YOU CHEAT BARRY.

Okay I'm much better now. I know sometimes it is tough for professional athletes to think, but Donovan McNabb got in to Syracuse, and that is a pretty good school. Therefore, I am coming to the conclusion that he has a brain, unlike Gary Sheffield who went to Tampa College for a whole year. McNabb said that black quarterbacks need to perform better because there are fewer of them. He also said that people don't want African-Americans to play QB. I'm getting angry again. HOLY SHIT DONNY! It's a damn good thing Mike Alstott is bitching about the lack of white running backs. Oh wait... he isn't. Let's see, black people are generally quick, mobile, and fast as hell, which makes a pretty good running back. So I bet if an African-American has an arm with the precision and strength of Peyton Manning, people aren't going to say.. "Eh, he's really good, but he's black. I don't want him to help my team win. Let's give Ryan Leaf a shot."

McBad also stated that he gets criticized even when he plays well and his team wins. 9-12 in your last 21 starts DMac, that doesn't sound like too much winning. This includes two straight seasons of you getting injured. Do you really think people aren't going to criticize your fragile ass? You are getting worse than Fred Taylor so stfu.

Want some icing on your cake? Donovan said that Carson Palmer and Peyton Manning rarely get criticized for their play. trying to stay calm... ... ... ... .......... ................ !!!!!!!!!!!! PEYTON MANNING JUST WON A SUPER BOWL. PEYTON MANNING IS ALREADY IN THE HALL OF FAME. PEYTON MANNING IS GOING TO BREAK EVERY FUCKING RECORD, PROBABLY EVEN BONDS' HOME RUN RECORD. CARSON PALMER JUST THREW FOR 6 TOUCHDOWNS. HAVE YOU EVER DONE THAT DONOVAN? NO YOU HAVEN'T SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Professional sports is not one giant race issue. Get it out of your heads. Stop playing the race card AND GO PLAY SPORTS. You get paid to play a game. Go make your fans happy, win some games, earn your teammates respect, and earn the money you get because you were graced with talent and worked hard throughout your athletic life. If you need attention that badly, don't go mouthing off about your race. We know you are African-American. What we don't know, is if you still have the talent you had three years ago when you took your team to the playoffs.


Daris said...

where did the racist's comment disappear to? In the old days, we would have kept it for its sensationalism. I'm disappointed.

sammich said...

ha i was thinking a giant race war was going to open up on the comment section

Daris said...

well, i would have been screwed, wait no, i would have been on the white side.

mjenks said...

Two things: One, does anyone remember how many times Peyton Manning was criticized for not being able to win the big game?

Two, DMac needs to remember that he plays in a city where they booed Santa Claus.

And, just to stir the pot, TO's "prima donna" comments don't seem so far off now, do they?

Daris said...


yes, yes, and yes. Wow, you just served a facial on D. McNabb.

good stuff.