Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rejected ESPN Fan Videos

I didn’t think ESPN could do anything more annoying than Who’s Now, but I was very wrong. There is really nothing worse than leisurely watching ESPN and then BOOM! “GO South Florida!!! Auburn better watch out cause Matt Grothe’s coming to town!!! And when he does, he brings THE PAINNNN!!!” I’m sure everyone has had that experience with ESPN's new college football fan videos. The worst one of all is definitely that Texas A&M guy, he is such a douche, “Y’all better watch out for Aggies this year, they’ve got the best running game in the country, Stephen McGee, Mike Goodson, the list goes ON AND ON!” It makes you wonder, how bad are the videos that they don’t put on TV? Well, we’ve been given access to the rejects, and it’s frightening.

ESPN definitely doesn’t want videos of you saying how much your rival sucks, and they absolutely don’t need you ripping your shirt off:

Shockingly, ESPN does not want the videos of you puking on the way to your team’s game:

I don’t really understand why anyone would ever send this into ESPN, but I have a feeling it was a Michigan fan:

ESPN might not want the videos of you hitting your friend in the balls with a football, but we sure do. Please send all videos to our email in the upper left of your page:

This girl clearly doesn’t understand the purpose of these videos, but, I for one, would have thrown her a bone:


sammich said...

i wonder if she knows what a first down is

Guy said...

Mgoblog is always up to something.